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Urgently!!! need help

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Feb 24, 2005
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ok, PLEASE help quick!

i have 9800se 256 mb 128bit ...
378mhz core, 290mhz memory (580mhz)
i can sell it only 2morow for 80 $

& i can buy 9600xt 128mb from Connect3D for 100$
i believe it has 500mhz core and 300mhz memory (600mhz)

i can't unlock any pipes with my 9800se, i can't even OC; ok, it get's to 390mhz on core; memory sucks BIG TIME - no OC!!!

so, what do you think? should i spend 20 $ and get 9600xt? i need some GPU for cca. 1/2 a year - than i'll be buying a new PC, so i don't want 2 spend much money on new GPU at the moment - but 20 $ is not much, so i just want to know ... IS IT WORTH IT?
Not open for further replies.