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VIA Launches New Luke CoreFusion EPIA Mainboard

Discussion in 'News' started by malware, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. malware New Member

    Nov 7, 2004
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    VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced the VIA EPIA EK-Series mainboard, designed for a new generation of network based ultra compact digital media appliances and boasting a maximum power consumption of just 19W.

    As the first VIA EPIA Mini-ITX to be based on the VIA Luke CoreFusion™ processor platform, the VIA EPIA EK is available in a 1GHz or 800MHz fanless option and offers dual LAN with the option of a Gigabit Ethernet port, as well as hardware based security with the VIA PadLock Security Engine to help protect network communication and locally stored information, making the mainboard ideal for use in firewalls, servers and other secure networked devices.

    The VIA EPIA EK integrates hardware MPEG-2/4 decoding acceleration and the VIA Vinyl VT1618 multi-channel audio codec to enable smooth digital media playback, and offers unparalleled connectivity with a DVI/LVDS module connection, Digital I/O (4 GPI/GPO), and up to four COM and USB ports. Optimized for use in POS, kiosks, and other networked digital media applications with greater multimedia and security requirements, the VIA EPIA EK also serves as an upgrade path from the popular VIA EPIA PD-Series Mini-ITX mainboards.

    "Leveraging the power efficiency and rich integration of the VIA Luke CoreFusion™ processor platform, the VIA EPIA EK offers a true low power, feature packed Mini-ITX solution," said Daniel Wu, Head of the VIA Embedded Platform Division, VIA Technologies, Inc. "We are seeing explosive growth in demand for secure, bandwidth-efficient networked devices, especially in multimedia applications that have greater computational requirements, and our VIA EPIA range gives developers the solution they need on a single x86 platform."

    More information about the VIA EPIA EK-Series Mini-ITX mainboard may be found on the VIA website at: http://www.via.com.tw/en/products/mainboards/motherboards.jsp?motherboard_id=420

    About the VIA EPIA EK-Series Mini-ITX mainboard
    Designed for a new generation of network based digital media appliances, the power efficient VIA EPIA EK-Series Mini-ITX is available with the 1GHz or fanless 800MHz VIA Luke CoreFusion™ processor platform and boasts a comprehensive suite of connectivity that includes dual Ethernet ports with a Gigabit Ethernet option.

    The VIA EPIA EK Mini-ITX offers a powerful set of digital media features that includes the VIA UniChrome™ Pro IGP integrated graphics processor with hardware MPEG-2/4 decoding acceleration and the VIA Vinyl VT1618 multi-channel audio codec. When combined with DDR400 memory support, Digital I/O (4 GPI/GPO), a DVI/LVDS module connection, a PCI slot, Serial and Parallel ATA hard drive support, a printer port and up to four COM and USB ports, the VIA EPIA EK Mini-ITX enables developers and system integrators to easily create a new generation of bandwidth efficient network based digital media devices.

    Integrated into the VIA Luke CoreFusion™ processor platform is the VIA PadLock Security Engine, a comprehensive collection native x86 security tools. Featuring the world's fastest x86 AES encryption engine and a quantum based random number generator to provide an unshakable foundation for security, the VIA PadLock Security Engine enables developers to seamlessly offload the computational process involved in complex encryption algorithms freeing processor loading to handle more data faster.

    VIA EPIA EK Availability
    The VIA EPIA EK mainboard will be available this month through authorized distributors. For pricing and availability, please contact your local VIA sales representative.

    Source: VIA Technologies
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  2. creidiki

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    Jan 28, 2006
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    I could use one of these as a small low-cpu-use server (NAS and stuff). Wonder how much they'll cost.
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  3. Baum


    Feb 16, 2005
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    Oh I've got one Via Epia as a work pc for surfing and writing :rolleyes:

    but they missed the point:

    1. More CPU Speed -> They are slower than slow and no one can convince me this one is fast!
    (At least 2 cores or 64 bit in one core)
    2.Stronge graphic cards -> at least a dvd shoud be playable and some cs 1.5
    (No Shared memory any more please :cry:)
    3.Cheaper! -> they a far away from afordable in europe
    (even if it's all in one the price should be lower than an mid range board and mid range cpu :eek: )

    As long as these board remain expensive, loud (the standart fan is a pain), undocumented (small infos on their features wich are many times wrong!! ) and slow i won't use them any more after i've purchased one and made bad experiences with bad support from via and missing driver support in many linux systems (for Ide and Gpu)

    It's more embarrassing what via offers :shadedshu even if they'r small basic support should be given and may be "some" small support for linux drivers and a fan on the board wich is not a hairdryer (bigger heatsink? copper?)

    current price for copper:

    price for via apia pd 800mhz w/fan:

    around 200€ =in USD
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  4. error_f0rce

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    Jun 6, 2006
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    Wisconsin, USA
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