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Video Encoding SW recommendations?

Discussion in 'General Software' started by dadi_oh, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. dadi_oh

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    Warning... long story...

    I am a total noob when it comes to video encoding so I thought I would solicit some opinions here. This all started with a wedding video that I filmed for a friend. I borrowed a high def, very high end, camera for the event but when it came time to unload it from the camera DV tape via firewire onto my PC I ran into technical difficulties. Can't remember the exact details but Adobe Premier was just not recongnizing the raw footage. The friend that I borrowed the camera from is a completely Mac guy so maybe the camera was setup for that environment. He ended up ripping the raw data off the camera (for me) into some MOV files which he put on my external hard drive. But I couldn't read the MOV files on my PC with ANY SW I tried including Quicktime Pro :wtf: I would get a white screen with just the sound in teh background.... So I took the external drive back to his place and his Macbook pulls up the files just fine but it can not write to my external drive (which it sees as read only). :banghead: So he encodes the raw MOV files into MP4 and burns them on a DVD but the video quality is unacceptable so he then masters a DVD from the MOV's at 720P.

    And that is where I found myself last night... I have a DVD with all of the clips in one continuous movie but no way to rip them off the disk into a format that I can import into my Adobe Premier. So after much searching I came across the Badaboom SW that seems to be a nice fit for my GTX260 card. I downloaded the trial version and ripped the video off the DVD into an MP4 file that I "think" I will be able to work with.

    So at the end of this rather twisted tale my questions to the experts here are:

    1) Is it worth shelling out the $30 for Badaboom? Seemed to do what I needed and the speed was excellent.
    2) I am also toying with the idea of backing up my rather substantial DVD collection (all store purchased, 100% legal) onto an external hard disk. I was wondering if I could then hook that external drive up to my PS3 and have access to my movies that way?
    3) I found this AnyDVD SW that would allow me to do these backups but it is about $70CDN. Is that a worthwhile program?
    4) My Mac friend also wowed me with his Apple TV setup so maybe further down the road I could incorporate Apple TV rather than my PS3 as a bit of a Video jukebox and save the wear and tear on my DVD's.

    I know these are all basic questions but I am hoping to mine some of the experience in this group so I end up with the best solution. Receommendations on specific SW or general system configuration are very welcome.

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  2. Bigjohn


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    anydvd is the bomb.
    try MediaCoder - free transcoding software - that might help with your getting the movies off that dvd...
    Or Super C

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