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Vista Upgrade Advice

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by raymerjacques, Mar 27, 2007.

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    Mar 19, 2007
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    IF you are upgrading to Vista or Want to upgrade and don't want to spend a fortune and are not sure what hardware to get then read below :

    I recently upgraded to windows Vista - Ultimate edition. below is things i found not working :

    System :
    3.4Ghz CPU
    1GB ddr 400mhz ram
    Geforce 6600GT
    MSI motherboard

    1. I found that the system was sluggish, probly due to my ram only being 1GB, it ran alright till i started multi tasking, or alt-tabbing out of games into opera etc ..

    2. I found that my fullscreen video mirror features does not work with Nvidia at all, and not only that they have announced that this feature is permanently disabled.

    3. I had lot of problems trying to watch movies with dual monitor setup, movies would show up black on my secondary monitor etc, not allways, but more than half the time. Also the nvidia menu sux ASS, half the features are greyed out or are not functioning, like changing TV colours or brightness does not work at all.

    4. There are major incompatibility issues with Windows Vista and Realplayer and a number of other programs too, but Realplayer is only one i care about as i use it for South Park and on a daily basis.

    5. Most of the older games is not supported on nvidia in vista, i might as well have tossed away my older games folder.

    6. Framerates of games were considerably lower than in Windows XP.

    I could not handle this crap, so i went out and shopped around for new hardware, it was time to upgrade, i did not want to spend a ton of cash, getting the newest top end hardware is stupid, you have it for 2 months and then it is old ..., allways better to buy a descent mid end system.


    System :
    AMD X2 +3800 CPU ( this is one of the best rated CPU's on the net, it has massive overclocking abilities. )
    2 GB DDR 2 - 667Mhz ram ( descent amount of ram for Vista to run on. )
    ATI Radeon X1650 256mb PCI Express card. ( I got this at a bargain price, i just could not say no. )
    WinFast motherboard. ( only make availible at the time of purchase. but it performes suprisingly well. )

    I setup vista and Bam, i could not believe my eyes at the difference, it runs faster than XP ever did on my old system, no matter what i do, or how many programs i have open, i just can't get it to lag or feel sluggish at all. i have tried cutting dvd's while browsing, downloading, open paint programs etc .. it just goes.... amazing :eek:

    Now here is the odd part, i thought i would test it on XP, thinking that if vista is this fast then XP will be SUPER FAST, oh how wrong i was, i installed windows XP and guess what, it felt sluggish compared to vista on this new system, really annoying, xp now felt like vista felt on my old system.... so i reinstalled vista again and was instantly pleased at the speed and smoothness.

    now i descided to test and see how many of the non functioning features of my old system were or were not working .

    1. Speed was 200000 times faster.

    2. Fullscreen video mirror is still an issue with ATI, but only with some programs, with others it works really well, since i use realplayer mostly i had no problems using the fullscreen feature.

    3. I have had no problems with movies showing up black on my TV, and another bonus was i could customise my TV settings, Color, contrast, brightness etc ... all working...

    4. as i already said, i found no incompatibility issues with realplayer or with media player classic.

    5. there are still problems playing older games, but this is due to DirectX, vista does not support older games that use directX 6 or lower as i understand it, hope microsoft faggots fix this somewhere along the line.

    6. Framerates of games have gone up a ShitLoad !!! I am not much of a gamer, but i buy some of the top hit titles, and the ones i have i installed :

    Doom 3
    CounterStrike Source
    Gothic 3
    Unreal Tournament 2004

    i was able to play all of these on the highest possible settings and o how smooth they played. Granted the graphics card is not a high end card i thought this was rather impressive, specially since gothic 3 is fairly new game and many people with better cards were flooding jowood forums complaining about FPS. I also think what hellped is that this specific make of my card supports up to 1GB of hyper ram ( only in vista tho ). Hyper Ram may be considered crap by most, but that little extra allways helps.

    All in all, i am extremely happy that i can use the new operating system and i spent minimum amount of cash on the upgrade. The 3800 CPU can easily be overclocked to run at +4600 - +4800 speeds, possibly higher even ( i have read many guides on the net where they show step by step on how to do this. )

    I highly recommend that if you want to upgrade but you don't want to fork out a fortune, then take my word on it, get yourself a AMD +3800 dual core CPU, 2GB of ram, you won't be sorry. graphic wise i guess depends if you a serious gamer or not, i am not so the X1650 is perfect for me, but whatever you get, i strongly advise it be an ATI card. you won't be sorry, you will have so many more features working in vista than Nvidia currently supports...

    Anyway, these are my findings and i hope it helps others that are looking to upgrade but not sure what to get .....
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