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Vista works on a VIA Epia PD mobo, lol



I just got my Aquarium comp running and couldnt find my Win2000 disk. I grabbed the Vista x86 disk and voila. It is a little slow, LOL. I am usiong 64MB onboard graphics.

It was really slow till I turned advanced Properties to Performance. I am using 512 DDR400, wish I had bought that 1 Gig stick.

It looks nice, there are tons of new things (lol, I still dont know how to use Win98)
Jan 29, 2006
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LOL nice :toast:.
Mar 2, 2006
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You gonna be keeping it on Vista?
May 15, 2006
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markkleb said:
It looks nice, there are tons of new things (lol, I still dont know how to use Win98)
Show us some screenshots, if you can, of this "performance mode" you have to use please!

I'd almost bet it looks like Windows Server 2003, in "classic" mode (sort of like a cross between Windows 2000, & XP features (mostly 2000)).


* Still, cool to hear, you can run VISTA on an older rig... makes sense, largely still Windows 2000 based code is @ its roots...!

Hey, is "Aero-Glass" off?

Assuming this is part of its "performance mode" (No "aero-glass" GUI) when you said it runs in that mode?

See, if not? It can probably run faster that way, no 'aero glass' look & be faster still!

(Think about it - pure classic mode, no "XP" looking shell, no "Aero Glass", just the classic Win2k look),

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I tried to post picts but the were too big. I set it back to Appearance and it is workable. I get the Aero look (beautiful)

I cant believe this works with the onboard graphics(beautiful but slow). I wish I had this on my fast comp.

The Via Epia PD has intregrated S3 Graphics Unichrome, its pretty old..

Vista had all the drivers I needed, it was a pretty simple install...

I have been wondering why there is so much to mess with, aparently this is the Vista Ultimate edition. When someone who actually knows how to program gets this(like Alec) there is tons of stuff to mess with..
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