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Voltage Tool - EVGA 1080 CLASSIFIED

Mar 6, 2007
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Interesting. Would you be willing to post some results of your over/undervolting adventures?

How much voltage can you add/remove? Max clocks you had with stock voltage and Max clocks with increased voltage? Some benchmark results maybe?

The only Classified cards I have owned were a pair of 780Ti's. Overvolting them never gave me quite the benefit I deemed worth paying the extra for a Classy card so I went back to reference for my 980Ti's. They did suck a hell of a lot of power though. I had to upgrade from a 1200w PSU to a 1300w since I was getting shutdowns when I pushed to 1.35v IIRC.

Very interested in your results. I will be in the market for a new GPU(s) come spring time and if the price and performance is right I may jump on some 1080's when they have dropped in price.
Sep 18, 2016
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My prayers only got answered last night with this new tool compatibility with 1080 Classified.

Not had a proper chance to test it yet, nor has anybody else.

Up until now all 1080 classified owners have been stuck at 1.093v, while many other cards owners were jumping on the ASUS/T4 STRIX BIOS bandwagon (cross-flashing the ASUS BIOS to their cards to reach the 1.25v hard limit).

However Classified was one of the cards that was not 100% compatible with the cross-flash; so for a long time we've actually had LESS voltage control than many other cards that don't have "overclocking DNA in their blood" (so to speak). << a situation completely back to front.

The tool definitely does something (which has got me tremendously excited) as my power reading goes up and down in HWINFO64 as I apply different voltages) and the tool does seem to be completely overriding the default BIOS or MSI AB control.

However in the short 90 minutes I had to test last night there were a few other unpredictable results (nothing dangerous). But I'm not sure yet if this is due to GPU BOOST 3.0's ultra-dynamic (ever changing) nature.

Before I go any further I really need to verify whats being *applied* by the tool with the actual GPU vore voltage. (bear in mind I do believe the tool has been adapted from previous classified versions so things may or may not match up perfectly just yet).

I am shopping for a digital multimeter tomorrow so I can find out. Once I can properly verify whats going on I'll be able to do some proper benching etc.

But beware I don't think the gains on pascal are tremendous; however to be honest... when did we ever HAVE to o/c? We didn't really.

What is important is we still get to tweak and play and actually really get to see what our cards can do when we push them; I'll take that to having someone else tell me what it can do. I'd rather test myself and feel how they felt when they found out.

After all; that's what makes it fun :)

Back soon,

Sep 18, 2016
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Just a wee update: going well tonight. Just beat my personal best on FS and TimeSpy.

On old AMD-FX CPU so my baseline will be lower.?

2177MHZ Benching

2177mhz @ 1050mv -> crash
2177mhz @ 1093mv -> 21782 http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/16027936
2177mhz @ 1131mv -> 22070 http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/16028527
2177mhz @ 1150mv -> 22161 http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/16028633
+500 memory o/c added --->23,668 http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/16029412 (going to try +900 mem next; just got a run with no artifacts)

GPU Boost 3.0 Dynamic Voltage Control = Disabled

Clock set in: MSI AB Curve window (plotted as a +163) against 1.093v
Voltage set in: MSI Afterburner value overridden using Classified Voltage Tool.

Only early days though

Sep 18, 2016
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Well I just got home with my cheapo £12.50 multimeter.

Instructions say its accurate to a resolution of 1mv (+/- 1%)

Took a reading at MSI AB setting of 1.093v (meter reading was 1108mv)

Set voltage tool to 1.087v (meter reading was 1102mv)

Set voltage tool to 1.093v (meter reading was 1108mv)

Used voltage tool to increase voltage to 1.150v (meter reading was 1165mv)

So its confirmed; the new Classified 1080 voltage tool is 100% working!

Not tested the MEMORY and PCI-E sliders yet, back soon :)


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Jan 27, 2017
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Will this work on my 1080 FTW Hybrid.... Or maybe if I flash the Classified bios to it?
Sep 12, 2015
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No. They don't have the same voltage controller.