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water cooling question

Aug 18, 2007
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System Name mine
Processor 2600k@5.2ghz 1.41 vcore
Motherboard asrock z77 OC Formula
Cooling pa120.3, apogee HD, mcp655 pump
Memory 16gigs ddr3 1600mhz sammy's @ 1886
Video Card(s) evga gtx470 under water on a seperate loop
Storage Crucial M4 128gig SSD
Display(s) HP 2511x 25inch led
Case none ATM
Audio Device(s) onboard
Power Supply PC Power & Cooling 750watt seasonic x-1250watt(dead)
Software win 8 pro 64bit
i'm currently running a swiftech H20-220 APEX ULTRA kit. at full load on my quad i'm getting 50-52c on the hottest core. my quad take a bit more voltage than others to get stable at 3.6, but to get 3.8 or higher takes almost 1.6 volts and then the heat becomes my enemy at that point.

so i bought a new waterblock for the cpu and a new rad today. i got a thermochill 120.3 and a dtek fusion with a nozzle set. i assume the pump that came with my original kit will be good enough to use with that block and rad. it's a MCP655 which i believe is a relabeled laing D5. am i correct in that assumption?

also how much lower do you think my temps will drop?


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Aug 3, 2006
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Oklahoma T-Town
System Name Work in progress
Processor AMD 955---4Ghz
Motherboard MSi GD70
Cooling OcZ Phase/water
Memory Crucial2GB kit (1GBx2), Ballistix 240-pin DIMM, DDR3 PC3-16000
Video Card(s) CrossfireX 2 X HD 4890 1GB OCed to 1000Mhz
Storage SSD 64GB
Display(s) Envision 24'' 1920x1200
Case Using the desk ATM
Audio Device(s) Sucky onboard for now :(
Power Supply 1000W TruePower Quattro
Yea its the same pump.

At full load 50c at 1.6 on a quad is good IMO. I don't know if your really gong to see a big drop in temps.

Taking sand paper to your cpu could help, or removing the IHS(Good luck).


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Mar 12, 2008
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i dont imagine you would get too big of a performance increase. mabye 5-6c lower load, you would see a much better difference in load temps if you just added the radiator to the loop rather than replace the existing one. i have the same pump, waterblock *d-tek fuzion w/ quad nozzle* and gpu waterblocks w/ a 1.120 and 2x 2.120 rads... when i added the 2nd 2.120 rad, thats where i saw a drastic performance increase. simply swapping radiators was not satisfying what so ever :(