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water cooling, single loop, double pump


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Mar 23, 2009
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grand rapids, mi
Basically just that: water cooling, single loop, double pump. it'll work, but will it work right?

(and why I want to do it this way is hard to explain, I'm modding the heck out of an older server case, and basically I have a giant reservoir and no space for a second reservoir in a separate loop, unless I rethink how the entire build will look)

Basically I'm envisioning the flow going one of two ways:

#1) reservoir, pump#1, radiator #1 (3x120mm), CPU block, pump#2, radiator #2 (2x120mm), gpus, reservoir

#2)reservoir, pump#1, radiator #1 (3x120mm), CPU block, radiator, gpus, pump#2 (2x120mm), reservoir

radiator #1 has to be mounted at the top of the case, above the reservoir, I'm planning on putting radiator #2 toward the front of the lower section.

pics may help explain.

the original
circa 2001, 1.3Ghz athlon with early danger den cooling kit.

this should give a rough idea of over all case size

new reservoir

rough fitting (LOTS of work yet to do)

I had intended to stack two but if I do the radiator won't fit.

Thoughts on the cooling loop for best effect without redoing the design to much? for example I don't want the reservoirs or radiators externally mounted. Also has anyone tried cooling coils in water cooling setups yet? and if yes, how'd they work?

input much appreciated.
May 27, 2007
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As long as both pumps are identical your fine.

If they are different, don't use both in a single loop.

You could always go the route of a t-line with a dual loop setup if you don't have room for a second reservoir.
Jan 7, 2008
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Whats the point of doing a single loop. Why not just do two loops, one for the cpu and one for the gpus. Seems like it would be less of a hassle.


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Mar 23, 2009
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grand rapids, mi
sweet aspire, looks like you're using the swifttech pumps i've had my eye on too. I've also been looking at the aquastream pumps as well, I thought the USB interface would be sweet. also, thanks for the advice on the T loop, I had that thought, but wasn't sure the reservoir could feed both through a single line.