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What do expensive Mouse Pads offer?


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I had a "Large" Qck, but having recently changed desks I needed a smaller one. Having no complaints about my previous Qck I ordered a Qck Edge, surface feels and moves about the same but this one has stitched edges which I think is definitively now a must for me. But I don‘t play online FPS or anything like that I have a G502 that I run ALL the weights in it, so yeah I don’t put a lot of thought into what makes a good or bad pad but I have no complaints about my current one.
Mar 21, 2021
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I've been using a Ratpadz XT from [H]ardOCP for nearly 15 years and it's still working just fine. lol


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Nov 13, 2022
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HI-end mouse pads can be very expensive BUT for some people they are worth it. Bells and whistles (and lights) aside, for some people, precision mouse control is what higher-end mouse pads offer that the cheaper ones do not.

The way I see it, the highest end mouse is only as good as the mouse pad it slides over. For me, I need very low static friction (the force it take to set the mouse in motion, but a slightly higher amount of friction once the mouse is in motion for control and stopping power.

Just as important is a mouse pad surface that will not change (i.e.: wear down) over time. One thing a lot of people overlook in this regard is that precise and fast movements of a mouse require developing "muscle memory". Just like in a lot of sports, doing something over and over is the only way to improve accuracy and speed. If a mouse pad is continually wearing down and changing in consistency, you can never develop optimum muscle memory.

That;'s particularly the problem with cheaper mouse pads. Cloth pads get dirty over time, and hard pads made from polycarbonates lose surface texture quickly. So, not only does that make frequent replacement necessary but you can never really develop optimal muscle memory.

Low friction and consistent surfaces are the main reason for higher-end mouse pads, but honestly I have found none that are not without serious flaws.

Personally speaking my 3 favorites are:
  • ARTISAN: is nice but since it is cloth-based, consistency changes over time and they become unusable fairly quickly when they become dirty
  • SKYPAD: is also nice but being made of glass it is thick and heavy, and prone to scratching, and also highly susceptible to collecting foreign debris on the surface which ruins glide characteristics and must be cleaned over and over during use.
  • CERAKOTE: Better than Skypad but still with the same issues plus it is noisier. Also, being a coated pad, I suspect the coating will be subject to wear over time..


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Nov 14, 2022
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Some have RGB and wireless charging. It looks like that one is just supposed to be durable and washable.
Ow my god I'm tired I read it and immediately thought why does a mouse pad need charging? then got embarrassed to the point I think my face turned red ._.
Nov 15, 2021
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Ow my god I'm tired I read it and immediately thought why does a mouse pad need charging? then got embarrassed to the point I think my face turned red ._.
I guess if it has battery-powered RGB...:roll:
Dec 25, 2020
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I have a Logitech G840 XL K/DA. It's very expensive, but it's like a regular cloth mouse pad, except that it's huge and has the K/DA girls stamped on it, so I can look at Ahri and Kai'Sa with totally pure intentions when I'm not looking on my screen for whatever reason.

Legitimately, the answer is nothing. Just like every other peripheral, it's something that is very much to your personal needs and taste. Whether you like a mouse pad that has more glide or friction is just like liking a heavier or lighter mouse, or preferring higher or lower sens in a game. That's really a personal choice.


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Apr 12, 2006
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Outside of the gimmicks of charging and lighting, many times you will not see much difference out of the box.

Where the advantage comes, from years of seeing a ton of mice and pads, is in the software. Certain companies offer a reprogramming of the eye, where it reads the pad and adjusts the eye to the pad type. Corsair does this, I think Steel Series and Logitech do as well. There may be others, but those came to mind first.