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What do these voltages do & what is the best setting for each?

Jul 23, 2008
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I'm overclocking, but I want to know the best settings for each value.

CPU PLL Voltage?
FSB Termination Voltage?
DRAM Voltage?
NB Voltage?
Apr 14, 2008
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Well if it's stable then u shouldn't mess with the voltages since it just makes u use more electricity.
Mar 29, 2007
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I'm overclocking, but I want to know the best settings for each value.

CPU PLL Voltage?
FSB Termination Voltage?
DRAM Voltage?
NB Voltage?
Not exactly sure on the first two, I don't have those on any board I've used (haven't used asus :laugh:). I believe they are both related to FSB and if you crank up the fsb you may need to raise them accordingly. I would do a little more digging, I found stuff pretty quickly on them, just search specifics for tips w/ your hardware.

DRAM is your memory voltage. You need to find out what your ram is rated for (I'm guessing 1.8v-2.2v) and don't go over that, but again, when you raise the memory speed, you may need to raise this to get it work. And NB is your northbridge chipset on your mb (the one that interfaces the cpu w/ the rest of the system). You generally only need to mess w/ that if using very high fsb's (high can be different depending on the board).

In my ventures I've only needed to up the cpu and dram voltage, those are really the main ones when oc'ing. Every chip and board is different though so you'll need to play around w/ things a bit, just make sure you find the limits of each before experimenting, and always use slow increments.
Jul 28, 2008
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What is best for me does not means that will be best for you anyway.
CPU PLL Voltage?
FSB Termination Voltage 1.45V ( high safe boder it will allow more FSB overclocking to the CPU)
DRAM Voltage 2.2V ( most of performance memory are around this voltage and it is safe voltage for DDR II )
NB Voltage 1.45V It will help in overclocking and general stability especialy with 4 sticks setups.