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What is the best Dual core AMD CPU and mobo on budget?

Oct 7, 2007
1,944 (0.52/day)
System Name Free Rig/Compaq Laptop
Processor E6750/Turion X2 1.9ghz
Motherboard EVGA 680i SLI/Quanta EA30
Cooling Random big fans!
Memory 8GB Geil Black Dragon/2GB G-Skill 4-4-4-12
Video Card(s) Nvidia 8800GTS/Nvidia 7000M - Hauppage PCIX TV Tuner
Storage 250gb SATA WD/120gb internal Samsung SATA
Display(s) ASUS 21.5" 1080P monitor
Case Raidmax Smilodon/Regular
Audio Device(s) Stock into 2.1 Altec Lansing Rig
Power Supply Cooler Master 650W/12 cell HP battery
Software Vista Ult. 64 Bit, Ubuntu 64 Bit 8.10/Vista Ult. 32 Bit, Ubuntu 8.04 32
I can't wait for Deneb to come out.

I wanna see the 4850E go under 40$!


My stars went supernova
Aug 3, 2006
16,159 (3.90/day)
Oklahoma T-Town
System Name Work in progress
Processor AMD 955---4Ghz
Motherboard MSi GD70
Cooling OcZ Phase/water
Memory Crucial2GB kit (1GBx2), Ballistix 240-pin DIMM, DDR3 PC3-16000
Video Card(s) CrossfireX 2 X HD 4890 1GB OCed to 1000Mhz
Storage SSD 64GB
Display(s) Envision 24'' 1920x1200
Case Using the desk ATM
Audio Device(s) Sucky onboard for now :(
Power Supply 1000W TruePower Quattro


Creator Solaris Utility DVD
Aug 16, 2005
19,262 (4.28/day)
System Name Not named yet
Processor I5 7640x 5Ghz 24/7
Motherboard MSI x299 Tomahawk Arctic
Cooling Corsair H55
Memory 32GB Corsair DDR4 3000mhz
Video Card(s) Gigabyte 1080TI
Storage 2x Seagate 3TB Drives (RAID 0) 1x Seagate 256GB SSD 1x Adata 120GB SSD
Display(s) 3x AOC Q2577PWQ
Case Inwin 303 White (Thermaltake Ring 120mm Purple accent)
Audio Device(s) Onboard on Audio-Technica ATH-AG1
Power Supply Seasonic 1050W Snow
Mouse Roccat Tyon White
Keyboard Ducky Shine 6
Software Windows 10 x64 Pro
get a 3600+ brisbane :)


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Feb 26, 2008
5,697 (1.59/day)
System Name Crossflow III
Processor AMD 965 (4.04Ghz)
Motherboard Asus Crosshair III
Cooling Air
Memory 4 gigs Mushkin 7-7-7-20@1T
Video Card(s) single 9800GT
Storage Raptor 150's in Raid0
Display(s) LG Flatron 24"
Case Custom
Audio Device(s) AuzenTech X-Raider W/OP637
Power Supply Custom modded Corsair 750HX
Software Win 7 64/Solaris Utility
Benchmark Scores 3DMark06--21963 so far
my fave budget combo is my Biostar 570 SLI ($40 open box at newegg) and a X2 6400, $119. Mine runs 3.5 24/7.

if using high end GPUs in SLI I would switch the 570SLI for a Bio N750 ($100 open box) because its more effecient and has PCI X 2.0 (8X in sli but double the bandwith of the 570s 8X)

I had a 4850e, it ran cool but it definately was no 6400.
Mar 27, 2007
806 (0.21/day)
Tampa FL
Processor AMD Ryzen 1700X
Motherboard Asus Prime X370 Pro
Cooling Corsair Hydro Series H110i
Memory 16 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000 Mhz CAS 15
Video Card(s) Asus Radeon RoG RX 480 Strix OC 8GB
Storage Samsung EVO 850 1 TB
Display(s) Asus PB258Q 25" 2560x1440
Case Cooler Master Master Case 5 Pro
Power Supply Corsair HX 850
Software Windows 10 Pro 64
I won't suggest a particular combo but I personally picked up an Asus M3A and Athlon 64 x2 5600+ Brisbane and an Asus EAH2600 Pro Video card for just $300 myself (yes I would have liked a better videocard but budget restraints and the fact it was my first board with pci-e kept me from buying a faster card.

Runs very stable and cool, and is easily overclockable to 6400+ speeds even using the stock heatsink.