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What is the point in measuring 20°C too much on a T7500?

Sep 13, 2007
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Hey guys,

a rather silly question, most likely with a very obvious answer, but I'd like to know anyways... I've observed my fathers Acer-Laptop has a C2D T7500 like i have, but his never goes above 30°C on Idle, it hovers between 25°C and 28°C. Now my Chip on the other Hand hovers between 50°C and 46°C... I thought it was the cooling system, but they are farily similiar and the test I conducted prooves it...

I've put my Laptop into sleep mode and let it cool down for 2 hours... Once I turned it on, it was obviously ready to go right away (no boot up heat or anything), and I immidiatly checked the temps. AMDGPUClocktool reported 17°C for my GPU (which would be around Room-temperature and makes sense) while Rightmark and Speedfan reported as much as 38°C for my CPU, and it wasn't even running for 10 seconds!
Is this some kind of "security measure" to keep people aware that the CPU may fry? The reason I ask is because my Laptop turns on his fan (more or less always) as soon as the CPU hits 50°C to cool it down to 46°C. Obviously it cools down to 46°C in around 10 seconds but only takes max. 1 min to reach the 50°C again (which would actually be 30°C, approx. the same as my GPU idles at)... Is this hardcoded into to bios/CPU or is there a software-way around this, to "fool" the system into thinking the cpu only has 30°C (which it actually has).

I mean, the fan is really quite and doesn't actually annoy me all that much... but since this laptop runs pretty much 24/7 and the fan always jumps on, I fear it will catch quite a lot of dust in no-time... I tried unplugging the fan too, and the cpu never reached above 55°C/64°C on Idle/100% Cpu Usage in powersaving mode(keep in mind that this is with assumend +20°C of meassuring); the GPU reached around 38°C in that occasion... But since I use this Laptop as a powerhorse aswell, I can't just keep it unplugged like this.

Any Fan-control program I tried did not work, anyhow I'm already happy if someone answers my initial question: why is it showing so much more °C?! Maybe ACPI is the key?


Nov 20, 2006
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well this prolly won't help you much but you know how the core temp is about 15c higher than the socket temp? all my programs report my socket temp being 15c higher than my core temp, the opposite of how it should be.