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What is this weirdness?


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Dec 5, 2021
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So despite getting most of my tools from here and reading many how-tos here I've never posted, so this is also my hello post :S. Hello!
I have a question about a little weirdness going on in my timings on this kit:


So I figured the safest way to hit max fclk of 1867 was to underclock some 4000 MT/s G.Skill B-Die. All I've done is used the numbers from the 4000 XMP and instead set the frequency to 3733 and the fclk to 1867. However I get this one little weird timing issue that raises some questions with me that I hope I can get some clarification on if anyone would be so kind. Here are my timings:

Why is my RC at 88? According to the profile it should be 52? I guess I don't understand the equation for tRC and DRAM calc throws that off even farther with it's suggestions:

And I guess while I'm on the subject if you would indulge me further, my board only goes to 4 for tRRDS, and I can't set tWTRL as my choices in BIOS turn to hex entries after 9 (choosing the hex for 14 did not work), is there a way to specify that I'm going to leave those number the same as the XMP in DRAM calc when I run the calculation?

If more specs helps here's this: CPU-Z Validation

Anyways though, my real question is why is my tRC 88? Also, can any willing person throw some suggestions out there as to how to fix it?

Edit: the two different equations confused me. Now understand that 88 is also correct. Thanks


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