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what should i get

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by psychomage343, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. i've got maybe 60-70 bucks us i can spare on some coolers for my 7900's right now i've got them at 600/800 with no vmods, i'd like a better air cooler i can get relatively cheap that will allow me a small vmod while still keeping sub 60c load temps? i've got the cards in an antec 900 so cooling obviosly isn't a problem, just evga's stock coolers suck a$$.
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    The Antec Nine Hundred is an awesome case, I know as I own it and got it soon after it come out (Think Im the first person on TPU with this case). The good thing about this case is, airflow and fans. The side fan, when you install it, can either suck out air or blow it in, either way has excellent benefits. So, you should be ok to mod your cards without the need for an overly expensive cooler. However, I will recommend these few right here:

    Zalman VF900

    Artic Cooling Axxcelero 1

    Zalman Fatal1ty Edition


    All these should offer lower thermals than the stock you currently have. Coupled with that case, and they should offer excellent temps. There are a few reviews here on TPU of newer VGA coolers that are pretty good. I highly recommend checking them out. Good luck.
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  3. unfortunately the zalman's are out of my price range, i love the axxcelero 1, it's got great cooling so i've heard and in my reletively cool room with the 900 it should perform as expeceted, and shit 20 bucks for 1 that's perfect, i'll have some extra cash left over lol
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    i would try anything that puts the hot air out of the case, that seems the best way to go, opposite of what the stock ones do, just blow the hot air all around.
    the silencer seems nice and big, but just make sure to get the right paste, its covers everything if i can remember correctly
    i want someone to get it, to see if i should upgrade to it or not, i get up to 65c with mine, but its rare
    my memory has the sinks on it so it can run around 800 fine, the core i have trouble with, everything above 545 was unstable, i had it at 580 for a couple days though
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  5. nice viper but mine already do 600 on stock cooling, i'm looking to vmod a small amount and stay at sub 60 temps, at stock vcore i'm running 55or so,i'm looking to do the same at a higher voltage and higher oc
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  6. what about the vantec iceberg6? anybody had any luck with these??
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