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What was your primary reason to get watercooling?

What was your primary reason to get watercooling?

  • I don't use watercooling

    Votes: 3,402 53.1%
  • Higher OC

    Votes: 1,254 19.6%
  • Reduced noise

    Votes: 1,312 20.5%
  • Bragging rights

    Votes: 300 4.7%
  • Memory module clearance

    Votes: 137 2.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
May 22, 2010
2,516 (0.90/day)
System Name m1dg3t | DeathBox | HairPi 3
Processor 3570k @ 4.0 1.15v BIOS | q9550 @ 3.77 1.325v BIOS
Motherboard Asrock z77e iTX | p5q Dlx 2301 BIOS
Cooling Custom Water | D-14 & HR-03gt | Passive HSF
Memory Samsung MV-3V4G3D 4g x 2 @ 1866 1.35v | OcZ RpR 2g x 4 @ 1067 2.2v
Video Card(s) MSi 7950 tf3 @1000 / 1350 | Asus 5870 V2 @ 900 / 1275
Storage Adata sx900 256Gb / WD 2500 HHTZ | WD 1001 FALS x 2
Display(s) BenQ gw2750hm | 46" Sharp Quatron
Case BitFenix Prodigy - m0dd3d | Antec Fusion Remote MAX
Audio Device(s) Onboard Toslink > Yamaha HTR 6290 | Xonar HDAV1.3 > Yamaha DSP z7
Power Supply Ocz mXp700w | Ocz zx850w | Cannakit 5v 2.5a
Mouse Logitech G700s | Logitech G9x - Cable Repaired
Keyboard TT Meka G1 - Black w Cherry Blacks| Logitech G11
Software Win7 Home | Xp sp3 & Vista ultimate | Raspbian
Benchmark Scores Epeen!! Who needs epeen??
Yeah, we used to reference the whole 10C = twice the lifespan of silicon, but with today's silicon doping methods, I'm not sure that still applies. It's definitely not the same tech today it was a couple of years ago, nevermind many.

And yeah, I mean, when it comes to gaming, I get really acceptable performance with stock CPUs, nevermind OC. Crunching, rendering, those see benefits, but what's out now, for most users is overkill performance at stock. :p

I am really impressed with Intel's products right now, they truly do let the average user get the most out of their chips with minimal effort, and OC is now warrantable, too. I mean really...shove 1.7V through IVB, and they will replace it...no problem. Sure, it costs $25, but that barely covers shipping.

If Intel can offer that kinda of warranty, their chips are pretty much bullet-proof for air users, and I truly feel that's why watercooling has such a little effect.

AMD, on the other hand...man, by 8350 just flies under water! my 3960X does too, but it's just not the same.
I was speaking to the "Total" lifespan of the chip, including useability. Not just the actual life of the silicone. A person can greatly extend the usefull lifespan of their system/chip by keeping it cool & clocked ;) If you wanna blow up chips for a $25 fee, go right ahead! We could use more landfill :rockout:

Sitting in your shed up north with an air cooler in sub Zero temps?
That the first thing that popped into my head :laugh:

Watercooling does not leak unless the user does not know what he/she is doing
It happens, but yes. With proper preparation/installation they are usually trouble free :pimp:
Nov 11, 2004
1,989 (0.41/day)
System Name Overlord Mk MVI
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.85GHz
Motherboard Asus Prime X370-Pro
Cooling Corsair H110i
Memory 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200
Video Card(s) Galax GeForce GTX 1080 EXOC-SNPR
Storage 512GB Plextor M8PeG NVMe, 500GB Crucial MX200
Display(s) Asus PG27AQ
Case Corsair Carbide 400Q
Power Supply Corsair AX860i
Mouse Logitech G500s
Keyboard Roccat ISKU
Software Windows 10
Benchmark Scores https://valid.x86.fr/j1yypa
Actually, neither option as such, sure, I'm overclocking, but in the winter time my CPU runs cool enough on air, but in the summer air cooling simply doesn't cut it where I live, but water does...
Oct 5, 2010
858 (0.32/day)
System Name FragBox
Processor Intel Core i7 2600K @ 5.0GHz/1.45 volts
Motherboard Asus P8Z77 WS
Cooling Custom CPU loop
Memory Kingston 12GB DDR3 1600
Video Card(s) Galaxy GTX 680/Zotac GTX 680 in SLi/EVGA GTX 650Ti
Storage 2 Vertex 3 120's, raid 0, 2 Seagate Momentus XT 500GB's in raid 0, 1 Hitatchi 2TB for backup
Display(s) 3 Acer S232HLX2 in nvidia surround
Case Corsair C70 White
Audio Device(s) Onboard
Power Supply Corsair AX1200
Software Win 7 x64 Pro
More overclocking mainly, but also the added benefit of quietness.
Jul 2, 2008
3,588 (1.03/day)
I got my i7 920 to 4.6GHz from 4.2GHz 2 years back using watercooling.

Then realized it was a huge waste of money. 300usd+ for 400MHz.

Buying an extra video card gets you 1000% more boost.

I also realized it was a huge waste of time to overclock my CPUs, so I stopped.

Then I also realized I didn't need 4x AA or more, so I stopped being paranoid about pixels and cared more about the gameplay.

I "herd" people talking about "lifespan" and shitz, JEESUZ! My super old i7 920 was running 4GHz 24/7 when I bought it. I also ran countless hours of Prime95. It has been 4 years! and it's still running.

Joking aside.

Watercooling is a huge waste of money. Spend it on video cards or SSD for real performance boost.
Apr 21, 2011
494 (0.20/day)
Hesperus IV
System Name Salvaged
Processor AMD Phenom II X6, 1055T
Motherboard MSI (cant remember model..)
Cooling Antec Kühler + extra fans (Antec, Zalman, Coolermaster, Generic brand)
Memory 8Gb (2 x 4Gb)
Video Card(s) ATI Radeon HD6870
Storage Samsung 1TB, 320 Seagate, 250 Samsung
Display(s) LG Electronics
Case ANTEC Sonata III 500 (found/salvaged + modified)
Audio Device(s) 8Ch + Harman Kardon 2.1 (modified, electronics in JVC wood speakers)
Power Supply It's made in Denmark, never seen a PSU made there..
Software Win7 X64 Ultimate
My CPU temps are so good, I actually want to cool my graphics card next time.
But perhaps I should invest in a better graphics card first..
Nov 18, 2009
100 (0.03/day)
Amelia, VA
Processor AMD 965 BE
Motherboard MSI gd70
Cooling Koolance Exos 2.5 w/ cpu 350 block
Memory 8gb corsair Dominator ddr3 1600
Video Card(s) 2 sapphire 6870's liquid cooled
Storage 8 150 gb wd raptors in raid 0
Display(s) Acer 24in lcd
Case Thermaltake Armor lcs
Power Supply Thermaltake Tough Power 1200w
Software Win7 64 Ultimate
Going to liquid cooling(especially for gpu's) is one of those moments when you get mad at yourself for not doing it earlier.

I have been using the same cooling system I put together for almost 6 years without 1 single issue or need to upgrade the cooling system. The benefits far outweigh the cost imo.

At first I was chasing numbers but after a while you just forget that it is overclocked. It's so quiet, the efficiency will not only be felt on your processors but the inside of the case itself. personally i L/C the cpu and gpus and worrying about the temps and airflow inside the case becomes a faded memory as well. And that's what I like.......peace of mind without the feeling that you are sacrificing something.

my advice, if you are going to L/C do your gpu too.
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Aug 16, 2004
2,998 (0.61/day)
Visalia, CA
System Name Crimson Titan 2.5
Processor Intel Core i7 5930K @ 4.5GHz 1.28V
Motherboard Asus ROG Rampage V Extreme
Cooling CPU: Swiftech H220-X, RAM: Geil Cyclone 2, VGA: Custom EK water loop
Memory 8x4GBs G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 XMP2 3000MHz @ 1.35V
Video Card(s) 2x EVGA GTX Titan X SCs in SLI under full cover EK water blocks
Storage OS: 256GBs Samsung 850 Pro SSD/Games: 3TBs WD Black
Display(s) Acer XB280HK 28" 4K G-Sync - 2x27" Acer HN274s 1920x1080 120Hz
Case Corsair Graphite Black 760T - EK Pump/Reservoir, 360mm EK Radiator
Audio Device(s) SB X-Fi Fatal1ty Pro on Logitech THX Z-5500 5.1/Razer Tiamat 7.1 Headset
Power Supply Silvestone ST1500 1.5 kW
Mouse Cyborg R.A.T. 9
Keyboard Corsair K70 RGB Cherry MX Red
Software Windows 10 Pro 64bit
In my case I went with water cooling first and foremost to extend the life time of my GPUs by lowering their temps when they are working at max load, but the option is not in the poll :)
Dec 1, 2011
343 (0.15/day)
Ft Stewart
System Name Queen Bee
Processor 3570k @ 4.0GHz
Motherboard Gigabyte UD3 Z77
Cooling Water Loop by EK
Memory 8GB Corsair 1600 DDR3
Video Card(s) MSI GTX 970 Gaming WaterCooled
Storage 1x Western Digital 500GB Black 1x Intel 20GB 311 SSD
Display(s) BenQ XL2420G
Case CoolTek W2
Power Supply Corsair 650Watt
Software Windows 7 Pro
I'm aircooled all the way, its just easier and lower maintenance. Plus if my temps go to high, the room my main rig sits in is cooled by a 12000 BTU Mitsubishi AC unit that is supposed to cool down a room 4 times the size it's in!
Jan 5, 2008
1,231 (0.34/day)
Oakland, CA
System Name Rover
Processor Intel i7 4790S
Motherboard GigaByte Z97MX-Gaming 5
Cooling Cooler Master 212 Evo
Memory 8 GB G.Skill Ripjaws-X
Video Card(s) ASUS GTX 970 mini
Storage Samsung 840 SSD, WD Black 1 TB
Display(s) ASUS VG248
Case Corsair mATX cube. (Alas they don't make it anymore)
Power Supply SilverStone SST-ST45SF-G 450 Watt
Mouse Logitech
Keyboard Logitech
Software Windows 10 64 ibit
I first used watercooling back in the P-35 days. I bought an HD 3850 and couldn't close the case due to high temps! It was a really old case with virtually no air circulation. I used to water cool everything, but the $300 per PC got to me. My latest PC is air cooled.
May 15, 2008
2,863 (0.81/day)
System Name Sovereign // HTPC
Processor i7 3770k 4.2 // i7 3770k 4.2
Motherboard Maximus V Gene // Sabertooth Z77
Cooling Noctua D14 // Intel HSF
Memory 16GB Samsung // 16GB VengeanceLP
Video Card(s) Deciding // 660 DC2
Storage OS (X25-M), Data (Seagate 1TB) // Samsung 840 120GB & bunch of drives
Display(s) Samsung T240HD // LG TV
Case TJ08e // Grandia GD08
Audio Device(s) DT880 Pro 250 ohm // TV speakers
Power Supply Seasonic Plat 1000 // Seasonic Gold 760
Software Windows 8 Pro x64 // Windows 7 Pro x64
Lower temps is the most important and isnt there