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What went wrong with my EVGA Precision XOC?

Black Panther

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May 30, 2007
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I have it installed through Steam, and have been using it as a fan profile while gaming for nearly 400 hours.

As of yesterday, my game wouldn't run, bringing up this error:

I did get the game to run while using EVGA Precision by removing the d3d11.dll file from the game's folder... BUT that also removed an indispensable fix I have for that game - that allowing load screens to have uncapped fps - which is a definite nono because otherwise loading screens would take nearly a minute every time instead of just seconds!

Another thing was that without that dll file I had the gpu's data (clocks, temps, fps, vram usage etc) continually showing on the top left while gaming, which while useful to know, I wouldn't want them to be there all the time.

It has nothing to do with updates. The last update for EVGA Precision was 8th November which is nearly a month ago, and I always have Fallout 4's updates on hold (because mods ;) )

The game still runs fine, but only as long as I don't run EVGA Precision concurrently with it.

Perhaps someone knows how I can solve this problem, or perhaps suggest another software for fan control?
Feb 19, 2006
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I would use MSI Afterburner which comes with RivaTuner Statistic Sever (RTSS) for all of what you are using EVGA Precision for
Jan 8, 2017
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Update DX ? Those DLLs typically have nothing to do with the actual applications and report strange errors.

or perhaps suggest another software for fan control?
MSI Afterburner , I actually had a lot of issues with PrecisionX.
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Sep 17, 2014
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Precision X has become a piece of junk ever since EVGA overhauled it after their little conflict with Unwinder.

Stay away. Get RTSS + AB
Oct 30, 2008
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I have overly long cut screen load times(when I walk out of a building) takes like a few minutes each time.
Feb 18, 2005
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@Black Panther Are you using this mod? I have also had issues with it and any software that adds overlays (Steam, Afterburner, etc.). I would say try MSI Afterburner and see if that works, because as others have said, PrecisionX is a POS.