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Which one of the following Z97 Micro ATX boards is best for OCing a 4790K

Discussion in 'Motherboards & Memory' started by Anusha, Jul 20, 2014.


Which board to get?

  1. Asus Maximus VII Gene

  2. ASRock Z97M OC Formula

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  3. Gigabyte Z97MX Gaming 5

  4. MSI Z97M Gaming

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  1. Anusha


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    Simple question.

    I'm not looking to extreme overclocking. Just 24/7 OC. I've got my 4790K to 4.6GHz/1.28V with my Maximus VI Hero board. But I'm going to make the rig smaller, thus getting a new Z97 micro ATX board. Basically I would want to retain my 4.6GHz OC on it as well - more if possible.

    There aren't many choices, but I've narrowed them down to 4.

    • Asus Maximus VII Gene - this is the safest bet, but is also the most expensive @$226, and doesn't even come with SATA Express
    • ASRock Z97M OC Formula - this cost $183 in Japan, in contrast to the $139 US price. seems to have 8 VRM phases, but are they true 8 phases or 4x2? Should fit my A-DATA Gold RAM into the board's the color scheme - but the case doesn't have a window, so no big deal
    • Gigabyte Z97MX Gaming 5 - overall good board. but has only 4 phases and even then, it seems they can only provide 100A. might cause issues with overclocking (stress test, to be precise)
    • MSI Z97M Gaming - says 8 phases, but are they digital? a review said that this board required the most Vcore to reach their CPU's max clock speed compared to other boards.
    The other boards are not overclocking boards or lack features. I have to pick one from these 4.

    What would be my safest bet?

    I cannot find reviews on Z97M OCF board, but if there is someone who has bought it and can share his/her thoughts I would really appreciate it. I was set on this board, until some people claimed that this board is not as good as the Z87M OCF hence the lower price.
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