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Who play Final Fantasy 11?

Jul 17, 2007
741 (0.19/day)
Processor x2 4400+
Memory 3gig
Video Card(s) 8800 gts 512mb
Power Supply 500w zumax
1. does it have buddy key? if so can someone lend me some?

2. how is the expansion works? is it like lineage2, archlord, silkroad etc.. where the expansion is all free and auto update for you? or is it like a stand alone expansion like guild wars? or world of worldcraft where the expansion is to buy additional? i hope the expansion is like lineage2, archlord, silkroad etc.. where everyone play on the latest expansion and free auto update for us. if it is not like that.... if i go ahead and buy FF11 2007 collection box set.... and when wings of goddess expansion comes.... will it auto update for me or i have to buy addiitional? and i can still play FF11 but i wont be able to get the feature of the expansion? i can still play on the same world as the people that got the latest expansion but wont have feature of the latest expansion?

3. i heard theres a starter kit that lets me play the trial for 3.99 or something like that.... does it include balista pvp?

4. i heard its a heavy grind.... i hope it is not mindlessly plain grind like lineage2, archlord or silkroad. does it atleast have reason to grind? does it have cut scene for each quest? does it takes u to instance world in some point while u grind? i hope it is like lord of the rings where it is in-depth questing that also takes you to instance world where you have to fight off the oposing force at some village etc.. and shows cut scene.

5. talking graphic alone.... will my athlon64, 1.5gig ram, x850xt be able to surpass the graphic of the ps2 version?

6. what kind of stuff you can customize in the apearence-customization? i know for sure theres hair, face... and what else? and i will asume theres 8 different style of haircut for each race.... will the wings of the goddess expansion add more hair style and apearence customization varieties?

7. does it have build-in voice chat?

8. does the pc version have the option to toggle from pixel shader mode. 2.0 to pixel shader model 3.0?

9. is it too late to start FF11 now? is it deserted?

10. can u summon shiva? if so.... will she apear and auto do her attack diamond dust right away like FF8? or we will have to control her like FF10?

11. does the balista pvp have 1on1 duel mode where no one can interfere?
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