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Why don't you custom water-cool your PC?

Why don't you custom water-cool your PC?

  • Price

    Votes: 2,642 19.8%
  • Lack of skills

    Votes: 559 4.2%
  • Afraid of leaks

    Votes: 2,117 15.9%
  • Time-consuming/too lazy

    Votes: 973 7.3%
  • Case size

    Votes: 132 1.0%
  • Worried about noise

    Votes: 179 1.3%
  • Benefits not worth it

    Votes: 5,001 37.5%
  • I already do

    Votes: 1,735 13.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Staff member
May 14, 2004
26,227 (3.70/day)
Processor Ryzen 7 5700X
Memory 48 GB
Video Card(s) RTX 4080
Storage 2x HDD RAID 1, 3x M.2 NVMe
Display(s) 30" 2560x1600 + 19" 1280x1024
Software Windows 10 64-bit
We're wondering what's holding you back from getting into watercooling, custom-watercooling, specifically.
Aug 5, 2019
791 (0.52/day)
System Name Apex Raptor: Silverback
Processor Intel i9 13900KS 6.1GHz/Multi 5.8
Motherboard z790 Apex
Cooling LT720 360mm + Phanteks T30
Memory G.Skill 32GB @8000MT/s CL36
Video Card(s) RTX 4090 AMP Extreme Airo
Storage 990 PRO 2TB / Firecuda 530 2TB
Display(s) Samsung Neo G8 / LG C1 65"
Case Antec Performance 1
Audio Device(s) DT 1990 Pro / Motu M2
Power Supply Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium 1000w
Mouse Scimitar Pro
Keyboard K95 Platinum
Time, money, reliability, lack of plumbing degree.
Oct 22, 2014
13,210 (4.04/day)
Sunshine Coast
System Name Black Box
Processor Intel Xeon E3-1260L v5
Motherboard MSI E3 KRAIT Gaming v5
Cooling Tt tower + 120mm Tt fan
Memory G.Skill 16GB 3600 C18
Video Card(s) Asus GTX 970 Mini
Storage Kingston A2000 512Gb NVME
Display(s) AOC 24" Freesync 1m.s. 75Hz
Case Corsair 450D High Air Flow.
Audio Device(s) No need.
Power Supply FSP Aurum 650W
Mouse Yes
Keyboard Of course
Software W10 Pro 64 bit
Too much maintenance for the 1C or 2C difference between top air coolers and good A.I.O.s.
I prefer a decent A.I.O. for ease of installation, appearance and space saving.
Custom loops are a joke and so are the comments attempting to justify their use.
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Jun 27, 2019
1,651 (1.06/day)
System Name I don't name my systems.
Processor i3-12100F 'power limit removed'
Motherboard Asus Prime B660-PLUS D4
Cooling ID-Cooling SE 224 XT ARGB V3 'CPU', 4x Be Quiet! Light Wings + 2x Arctic P12 black case fans.
Memory 4x8GB G.SKILL Ripjaws V DDR4 3200MHz
Video Card(s) Asus TuF V2 RTX 3060 Ti @1905 MHz Core/950mV Undervolt
Storage 4 TB WD Red, 1 TB Silicon Power A55 Sata, 1 TB Kingston A2000 NVMe, 256 GB Adata Spectrix s40g NVMe
Display(s) 29" 2560x1080 75 Hz / LG 29WK600-W
Case Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 FX Black
Audio Device(s) Onboard + Hama uRage SoundZ 900+USB DAC
Power Supply Seasonic CORE GM 500W 80+ Gold
Mouse Canyon Puncher GM-20
Keyboard SPC Gear GK630K Tournament 'Kailh Brown'
Software Windows 10 Pro
I have no reasons/not needed as I'm not ocing anything or running hardware that heats up too much even with affordable air cooling.

Only thing I'm considering is an AIO once I upgrade my CPU but only cause I like their look/design, no other reason. 'I don't fancy having a brick in my PC like most air coolers'

I wouldn't want to maintain it, cleaning my PC every few months is enough for me. :laugh: 'except for the glass panel, thats cleaned more often'
Jun 2, 2017
6,472 (2.80/day)
System Name Best AMD Computer
Processor AMD 7900X3D
Motherboard Asus X670E E Strix
Cooling In Win SR36
Memory GSKILL DDR5 32GB 5200 30
Video Card(s) Sapphire Pulse 7900XT (Watercooled)
Storage Seagate 530 2Tb, Adata SX8200 2TBx2, Kingston 2 TBx2, Micron 8 TB, WD AN 1500
Display(s) GIGABYTE FV43U
Case Corsair 7000D Airflow
Audio Device(s) Corsair Void Pro, Logitch Z523 5.1
Power Supply Deepcool 1000M
Mouse Logitech g7 gaming mouse
Keyboard Logitech G510
Software Windows 11 Pro 64 Steam. GOG, Uplay, Origin
Benchmark Scores Firestrike: 46183 Time Spy: 25121
I will probably never build a custom loop for my CPU. My TR4 Noctua cooler has proven to be beast and there is no need and AIOs are more than capable. Where I will always watercool is my GPUs. The fact that modern GPUs since Vega (Sapphire Nitro) have become monstrosities, for me almost necessitates using a waterblock. The mitigating factors though are noise, temp and clock that make water cooling academic to me. To be honest it was the introduction of the zero fan policy as 49 C is not where I want my GPU to idle and if there is no fan it is radiating that into the core of the case.
Jul 31, 2014
266 (0.08/day)
System Name Garbage / Trash
Processor Ryzen 5600X / 5600
Motherboard MSI B450M Mortar Ti / GB B550M Aorus Pro-P
Cooling Deepcool GTE / ID Cooling SE224XT
Memory Micron 32GB DDR4-3200 E-die @ 3600C16 / Ballistix Elite 16GB 3600C16
Video Card(s) MSI 2060 Super Armor OC / Zotac 3070 Twin Edge
Storage HP EX920 1TB Micron 1100 2TB, Crucial M550 1TB, Hynix P31 1TB
Display(s) Acer XB271HU @ 150Hz x2
Audio Device(s) JBL LSR305 + Topping D50S / iLoud MM + SMSL DO100
Power Supply Seasonic Focus Plus 850W / G-series 650W
Mouse Logitech G304 x2
Too much risk and cost for too little actual returns.

Even I found CPU OCing to be pretty pointless back in 2014, so I decided then to get a 4790K on a non-Z mobo.
Aug 21, 2015
1,501 (0.51/day)
North Dakota
System Name Office
Processor Ryzen 5600G
Motherboard ASUS B450M-A II
Cooling be quiet! Shadow Rock LP
Memory 16GB Patriot Viper Steel DDR4-3200
Video Card(s) Gigabyte RX 5600 XT
Storage PNY CS1030 250GB, Crucial MX500 2TB
Display(s) Dell S2719DGF
Case Fractal Define 7 Compact
Power Supply EVGA 550 G3
Mouse Logitech M705 Marthon
Keyboard Logitech G410
Software Windows 10 Pro 22H2
The cost/benefit and risk/reward ratios are all out of whack for me. Air cooling is so dirt simple: attach fan to hunk of metal. Failures with liquid aren't necessarily more likely, but can be more costly. The only thing to go south with air is a fan, at which point you just slap a new one on and call it a day. A bad pump is a whole lot more expensive and more difficult to replace. Leaks can kill expensive hardware. All for maybe 5-10% over decent air cooling? Not to mention that if I were willing to spend that much on custom or AIO cooling, I'd just buy faster parts in the first place.
Jan 31, 2010
5,301 (1.06/day)
Gougeland (NZ)
System Name Cumquat 2021
Processor AMD RyZen R7 5800X @4750MHz 1.298V
Motherboard Asus Strix x570-F Gaming
Cooling Deep Cool LT720 + CM MasterGel Pro TP + Lian Li Uni Fan V2
Memory 16GB GSkill Ripjaws V Black 4000 MTs (2x8GB) @3866MT's
Video Card(s) Sapphire Nitro+ OC RX6800 16GB DDR6 2270Cclk / 2010Mclk
Storage 1x Adata SX8200PRO NVMe gen3 x4 1X Samsung 860 EVO 500GB, 12TB of HDD Storage
Display(s) AOC 24G2 IPS 144Hz FreeSync Premium 1920x1080p
Case Lian Li O11D XL ROG edition
Audio Device(s) RX6800 via HDMI + Pioneer VSX-531 amp Technics 100W 5.1 Speaker set
Power Supply EVGA 1000W G5 Gold
Mouse Logitech G502 Proteus Core
Keyboard Logitech G815
Software Windows 11 X64 PRO (build 22H2)
Benchmark Scores it sucks even more less now ;)
To much faffing around and I'd have to swap my Silverstone RV02 for something a decent sized rad would fit but I'd probably not like the case
Jun 2, 2017
6,472 (2.80/day)
System Name Best AMD Computer
Processor AMD 7900X3D
Motherboard Asus X670E E Strix
Cooling In Win SR36
Memory GSKILL DDR5 32GB 5200 30
Video Card(s) Sapphire Pulse 7900XT (Watercooled)
Storage Seagate 530 2Tb, Adata SX8200 2TBx2, Kingston 2 TBx2, Micron 8 TB, WD AN 1500
Display(s) GIGABYTE FV43U
Case Corsair 7000D Airflow
Audio Device(s) Corsair Void Pro, Logitch Z523 5.1
Power Supply Deepcool 1000M
Mouse Logitech g7 gaming mouse
Keyboard Logitech G510
Software Windows 11 Pro 64 Steam. GOG, Uplay, Origin
Benchmark Scores Firestrike: 46183 Time Spy: 25121
To much faffing around and I'd have to swap my Silverstone RV02 for something a decent sized rad would fit but I'd probably not like the case
The RV02 is a killer case. Very detailed but excellent heat dissipation. I replaced mine with a Thermaltake Core X9.
Feb 20, 2020
7,631 (5.77/day)
System Name Ghetto Rigs x299 & z490 & x99
Processor 9940x w/Optimus Foundation & 10900k w/Black Noctua D15 & 5930k w/Reg-Noctua D15
Motherboard X299 Rampage VI Apex & z490 Maximus XII Apex & x99 Sabertooth
Cooling D5 combo/280 GTX/ VRM copper water block/280 GTX/ Optimus Foundation/ 1080ti FTW3
Memory Trident-Z 3600C16 4x8gb & Trident-Z Royal 4000c16 2x16gb & Trident-Z 3200c14 4x8gb
Video Card(s) 1080ti FTW3-On Loop & Titan Xp-w/ Only GPU loop & evga 980ti gaming-w/ air
Storage Many sammy 2.5" ssd's 850 Pro/ 860 pro's for os & WD BLK's hdd's storage
Display(s) 1-AOC G2460PG 24"G-Sync 144Hz/ 2nd 1-ASUS VG248QE 24"/ 3rd LG 43" series
Case D450 second floor for 2nd rad x2/ Cherry Entertainment center on Test bench
Audio Device(s) Built in Realtek x2 with 2-Insignia 2.0 sound bars & 1-LG sound bar
Power Supply EVGA 1200P2 & 1000P2 with APC AX1500 & 850P2 with CyberPower-GX1325U & a 750P2 unused
Mouse Redragon Perdition x3
Keyboard G710+x3
Software Win-7 pro x3 and Linux Cinnamon 20.2x2 & win-10 & 11pro x3
Benchmark Scores Are in the benchmark section
Price is mostly why people get turned off custom loops and settle for an 5 year warranty aio for 150.us+- instead even if they want to get away from a giant chunk of aluminum air cooler that covers the entire top of the motherboard for 40-80.us

Also custom loop products or even kits are wonky even from the water cooling leaders like ek that is just to date started making fittings out of brass then nickel plating.. them instead of metal and nickel plating them which can also fail I've got some that came with a p280 ek kit

Little vinegar really shows where the nickel plating came off and now you see where the term mixed metal comes from, manufactures use it to save a buck lol
But yeah usually they just refer to mixed metals as don't use aluminum parts with copper loops...
ek barbs nickle green gone.JPG

Then you get into fluids
Well you'd think this was the easy one right, not really this stuff can really cause havoc if it looks like this stuff and it's not so noticeable if colored fluid is used acid green is what I used, what a staining/ water block clogging disaster chalk it up to early release bad batch beginners luck right lol
EK crynocrap clear.jpeg

Maintenance isn't so bad if you don't get bad products and take extra measure to filter your fluid even if you use distilled water and inhibitor and biocide treatment testing every couple months to maintain ph7

These come in really handy paired with quick disconnects add to the system or remove easily while cleaning/ filling it and run it for a couple weeks after at the least to pick up all the little stuff that will end up stuck in your gpu or cpu water block causing you to disassemble and manually clean them
Spectre 2369 Premium Clearview Fuel Filter

But it's really about having fun :cool:


Vanguard Beta Tester
Nov 26, 2004
7,863 (1.14/day)
Canuck in Norway
System Name Hellbox 5.1(same case new guts)
Processor Ryzen 7 5800X3D
Motherboard MSI X570S MAG Torpedo Max
Cooling TT Kandalf L.C.S.(Water/Air)EK Velocity CPU Block/Noctua EK Quantum DDC Pump/Res
Memory 2x16GB Gskill Trident Neo Z 3600 CL16
Video Card(s) Powercolor Red Devil 6950XT
Storage 970 Evo Plus 500GB 2xSamsung 850 Evo 500GB RAID 0 1TB WD Blue Corsair MP600 Core 2TB
Display(s) Alienware OLED 34” 3440x1440 175Hz
Case TT Kandalf L.C.S.
Audio Device(s) Soundblaster ZX/Logitech Z906 5.1
Power Supply Seasonic TX~’850 Platinum
Mouse G502 Proteus Spectrum
Keyboard G19s
VR HMD Oculus Quest 2
Software Win 10 Pro x64
I have since the P4?
Jul 7, 2019
684 (0.44/day)
I did since the FX-8370 and FX-9590 days, and still do for my main rig, but I've since downgraded to AIOs or air coolers for everything else I've rebuilt over time. It's been nothing but a PITA to keep maintained, and the high upfront costs was always a motivation killer. Moreso with all the constant testing for leaks and bleeding out air bubbles after every loop deep clean.
Nov 16, 2006
2,724 (0.44/day)
Processor R7 5800x3D
Motherboard MSI x570 Tomahawk
Cooling XSPC Raystorm Edge,EK QS P420M,EK D5pwm Revo Res
Memory 32gb Corsair Vengeance RT 3600 cl16
Video Card(s) Zotac 3070ti Amp Extreme
Storage Samsung 980pro 1tb x2
Display(s) MSI MPG321QRF QD
Case Corsair 7000D
Power Supply EVGA 1000 P2
Mouse G900
Keyboard Corsair k60 RGB PRO
Software Win 11
I am running watercooling simply because i have had some half decent gear (primarily a d5 pump) for about 17 years or so, and changing a part every now and then is cheaper than buying a Noctua or equivalent air cooler.

I really didn't see the point of going to town on it with my skylake 6700k, i wouldn't have seen a worthwhile benefit from delidding/liquid metal etc.

The price and availability of gpu waterblocks has put me off doing a full watercooling loop on my last few builds too, i didn't bother with my current 1070 as i cant ever hear the thing spin up anyway, and they don't clock any higher on water to the point its worth spending extra on. If i could actually get my hands on a 3080 i probably would get a block, as they do seem to sustain higher clocks on water.

Right now I'm looking at what waterblock to get for my 5800x, for the moment i have a frankensteins block consisting of an ek supremacy mx (with an evo copper plate) which i bought an AMD mounting plate for £3, the bolts that come with the mx are the wrong length for the AMD or EK backplates, so i re-used some old mounting bolts from an ek supreme. The thing still has an intel jet plate in, you get the AMD one with the bolt set that matches with the mount plate i bought, but they were £12. It cools ok for now so i didnt bother.

I'm thinking about getting the Aquacomputer Next with the offset mount (for 3000-5000 series Ryzen) as its cheaper than the Optimus or TechN blocks
Apr 24, 2012
1,584 (0.38/day)
Northamptonshire, UK
System Name Main / HTPC
Processor Ryzen 9 5900X / Ryzen 7 2700
Motherboard Strix B550i / B450i Aorus Pro
Cooling Lian-Li Galahad 360 / Wraith Spire
Memory Corsair LPX 2x16 3600MHz / HyperX Predator 2x8GB 3200MHz
Video Card(s) RTX 3080 FE / ARC A380
Storage WD Black SN770 1TB / Sabrent Rocket 256GB
Display(s) Acer Z301c / 39" Panasonic HDTV
Case Corsair 2000D / Cougar QBX
Audio Device(s) Yamaha RX-V379 / Realtek ALC1220
Power Supply Corsair SF600 / BeQuiet SFX Power 2 450W
Mouse Logitech G900
Keyboard Drop Sense75 with WQ Studio Morandi's
Software Win 11 Pro 64Bit
I already do, and since I'm a sucker for good aesthetics and quiet operation, it was the only way to go.
Oct 18, 2017
143 (0.07/day)
System Name Battlestation
Processor intel i9 9900K
Motherboard EVGA Z370 FTW
Cooling Noctua NH-D15
Memory 2X8 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz Corsair
Video Card(s) Nvidia RTX 4070 Founders Edition
Storage Western Digital SN850 1 TB NVME
Display(s) Asus PG248Q
Case Phanteks P600S
Audio Device(s) Steelseries Arctis pro
Power Supply EVGA 1200 P2
Mouse Logitech G PRO
Keyboard Logitech G710+
Benchmark Scores https://www.3dmark.com/spy/38948601 https://i.ibb.co/1MDLrVz/apres.jpg
I already do and on the long term it's worth it. You get the most of all your components, get crazy good temperatures with extremely silent computer. When my computer is idleing i can just disable the fans and it becomes full fanless, it's perfect.

Plus the price of a waterblock is not much more than the one of a high end aircooling rad and you can find good price on used components.

If you use good hardware and test your loop for leaks before using it there is no risks.

Maintenance is pretty easy. I just open the port on the radiator, collect the fluid in a container then use a manual pump (kinda like the one you use for a bike's wheel) to push the remaining liquid out.
Jul 19, 2006
43,541 (6.93/day)
Processor AMD Ryzen 5900x
Motherboard MSI x570s Carbon Max WiFi
Cooling EK AIO 360. Phantek T30 fans.
Memory 32GB G.Skill 3600Mhz CL14
Video Card(s) Asus RTX 4090
Storage Samsung 980 SSD's
Display(s) LG C2 Evo OLED 42"
Case Lian Li PC 011 Dynamic Evo
Audio Device(s) Topping E70 DAC, SMSL SP200 Headphone Amp.
Power Supply MSI MPG A1000G
Mouse Razer Basilisk V3 Pro
Keyboard Custom 84 key.
Software Windows 11
Feb 19, 2007
12,453 (2.05/day)
Yankee lost in the Mountains of East TN
Processor 5800x(2)/5700g/5600x/5600g/2700x/1700x/1700
Motherboard MSI B550 Carbon (2)/ MSI z490 Unify/Asus Strix B550-F/MSI B450 Tomahawk (3)
Cooling EK AIO 360 (2)/EK AIO 240, Arctic Cooling Freezer II 280/EVGA CLC 280/Noctua D15/Cryorig M9(2)
Memory 32 GB Ballistix Elite/32 GB TridentZ/16GB Mushkin Redline Black/16 GB Dominator
Video Card(s) Asus Strix RTX3060/EVGA 970(2)/Asus 750 ti/Old Quadros
Storage Samsung 970 EVO M.2 NVMe 500GB/WD Black M.2 NVMe 500GB/Adata 500gb NVMe
Display(s) Acer 1080p 22"/ (3) Samsung 22" 1080p
Case (2) Lian Li Lancool II Mesh/Corsair 4000D /Phanteks Eclipse 500a/Be Quiet Pure Base 500/Bones of HAF
Power Supply EVGA Supernova 850G(2)/EVGA Supernova GT 650w/Phantek Amps 750w/Seasonic Focus 750w
Mouse Generic Black wireless (5)
Keyboard Generic Black wireless (5)
Software Win 10/Ubuntu
I ran custom loops for several years. I felt like it was not only worth it, but it was fun to get the loop just right. Thing is, it's another thing to add to this hobby than can displace so much time and energy. I just don't have the hours and hours to dedicate to it anymore, and my body/brain can't handle staying up until 2am tinkering and still manage to get up for work at 6am.
Mar 28, 2018
1,694 (0.84/day)
System Name Space Heater MKIV
Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
Motherboard ASRock B550 Taichi
Cooling Noctua NH-U14S, 3x Noctua NF-A14s
Memory 2x16GB Team T-Force Dark Z DDR4-3600 C18 1.35V
Video Card(s) PowerColor RX 6800 XT Red Devil (2150MHz, 240W PL)
Storage 2TB WD SN850X, 4x1TB Crucial MX500 (striped array), LG WH16NS40 BD-RE
Display(s) Monoprice 35" 3440x1440p 100Hz
Case Phanteks Enthoo Pro M
Audio Device(s) Edifier R1700BT, Samson SR850
Power Supply Corsair RM850x, CyberPower CST135XLU
Mouse Logitech MX Master 3
Keyboard Glorious GMMK 2 96%
Software Windows 10 LTSC 2021, Linux Mint
I voted "afraid of leaks", but that's just one of many reasons.

Maintenance, cost, and noise are the other big ones for me. As far as noise goes, I'd think that air cooling has better potential for silent operation.

As it sits now, my fully air-cooled system is almost silent when idle, still very quiet under heavy GPU load (aside from the coil whine), and only really gets noisy under extreme CPU load.

The loudest part of my system is my GPU coil whine. I'm sure if I replaced my GPU with a less whiny one and got some better fans, my system could be silent under nearly all loads.
Oct 1, 2014
1,808 (0.55/day)
Leland, NC
System Name The Captain (2.0)
Processor Ryzen 7 7700X
Motherboard Asus Crosshair X670E Hero (soon to be replaced by Gigabyte X670E AORUS Master)
Cooling 360mm Be Quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX, 4x Be Quiet! 140mm Silent Wings 4 (1x exhaust 3x intake)
Memory 32GB (2x16) G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo (6000Mhz)
Video Card(s) MSI GeForce RTX 3070 SUPRIM X
Storage 1x Crucial MX500 500GB SSD; 1x Crucial MX500 500GB M.2 SSD; 1x WD Blue HDD, 1x Crucial P5 Plus
Display(s) Aorus CV27F 27" 1080p 165Hz
Case Phanteks Evolv X (Anthracite Gray)
Power Supply Corsair RMx (2021) 1000W 80-Plus Gold
Mouse Varies based on mood; is currently Razer Basilisk V3; Basilisk Ultimate for gaming
Keyboard Varies based on mood; currently HyperX Alloy Origins 65
I chose Price, but only because I could only choose one. Maintenance and lack of skills would be my other two picks. Also, while I've seen some custom loop builds that were truly beautiful, I tend to think they aren't worth the extra time/money/upkeep when a good AIO or air cooler will do just as good of a job and be cheaper. But whether it's a custom loop or an AIO, they both share the same weakness - potential for leaks --and this is something air coolers don't suffer from.

I'm running a Corsair H100i RGB PRO XT (goddamn that's a mouthful) AIO at the moment, but I also have a Cooler Master MA610P air cooler. I originally bought the AIO for my 10700K, reading how hot the damn thing got, but now that I'm back on Ryzen, I'm wondering if the AIO is necessary... :confused:

(Don't get excited peeps. I'm still keeping the AIO :p )
Apr 15, 2020
109 (0.09/day)
System Name Old friend
Processor 3550 Ivy Bridge x 39.0 Multiplier
Memory 2x8GB 2400 RipjawsX
Video Card(s) 970 Maxwell STRIX-GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5
Aesthetically, water-cooled PC is the sexier PC!
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Sep 28, 2012
942 (0.23/day)
System Name Potato PC
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 5600
Motherboard ASRock B550M Steel Legend
Cooling ID Cooling SE 224XT Basic
Memory 32GB Team Dark α DDR4 3600Mhz
Video Card(s) Sapphire RX 6900 XT Nitro
Storage Kingston A2000 1TB + 8 TB WD Ultrastar DC HC320
Display(s) Mi Gaming Curved 3440x1440 144Hz
Case Cougar MG120-G
Audio Device(s) MPow Air Wireless + Redmi Sound Bar
Power Supply Enermax Revolution DF 650W Gold
Mouse Logitech MX Anywhere 3
Keyboard Logitech Pro X
Benchmark Scores Who need bench when everything already fast?
My PC in old days :D

I need that water cooling system, because its a necessity to tame Vishera 5Ghz and dual R9 290 1.2GHz. Any cooling solution at that time, be it air cooling or AIO, doesn't offer much cooling capabilities, so choices are obvious. From option above I chose price, not because "cost " but rather "worth", my current basic air cooling are quite capable doing their job :)
Nov 18, 2010
6,696 (1.42/day)
Rīga, Latvia
System Name HELLSTAR
Processor AMD RYZEN 9 5950X
Motherboard ASUS Strix X570-E
Cooling Custom Loop. Two 360ies + 280 rad. 8x Nidec Servo Gentle Typhoons. EK-Quantum Momentum monoblock.
Memory 4x8GB G.SKILL Trident Z RGB F4-4133C19D-16GTZR 14-16-12-30-44
Video Card(s) Sapphire Pulse RX 7900XTX + under waterblock.
Storage Optane 900P + Samsung PM981 NVMe 1TB + 750 EVO 500GB+ 1TB 980PRO
Display(s) Philips PHL BDM3270 + Acer XV242Y
Case Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO
Audio Device(s) Sound Blaster ZxR
Power Supply Fractal Design Newton R3 1000W
Mouse Razer Basilisk
Keyboard Razer BlackWidow V3 - Yellow Switch
Software Windows 11 insider
I happy to see over 100peps actually having a loop.

Pretty much price is the biggest hurdle. Other than that... It is just art.

Seconds... my GPU haven't seen temps over 50C ever. It gained constant performance boost from it, so there is still a valid point considering new tech boost algos, that rely on really low temperatures.