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Why i'm boycotting corsair (iCue 4.x)

Mar 26, 2010
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Jakarta, Indonesia
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Video Card(s) NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800
Storage V-GEN03AS18EU120GB, Seagate 2 x 1TB and Seagate 4TB
Display(s) Samsung 21 inch LCD Wide Screen
Case Icute Super 18
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Power Supply Silverstone 600 Watt
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Their keyboards are great but the drivers got all bloated after rgb became a thing. I disable most of their services manually, after installing the keyboard I only let icue run not any of the other processes cobblefucked onto the driver.

Just go into the folder they launch from by right clicking in task manager and open file location, rename the exe to exenope or literally anything added after exe and it'll prevent them from running.

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I'm using the v3 software with a k57 and a k70 rgb with custom rgb profiles on both. Lame if v4 doesn't support them. Also lame if you're forced to choose.
this is what i did too


The Power Of Intel
Feb 19, 2014
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I just use it to set up profiles and then close it and make sure it's not booting with windows.....
That's what i do too, still using the old version till it works.
Mar 23, 2005
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After sending in a keyboard that was defective only to get one back that was even worse, then shortly after, sending in a dead Survivor USB drive only to get a dead one back, I stopped even entertaining the idea of buying anything from Corsair.


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Oct 6, 2004
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Heres an update from a user on their forums showing that these devices can genuinely work, and its just an artificial limit to up sales

These devices work, they've just been blacklisted based on how old they are (the dongle serial number/revision, in this guys case)
Sep 17, 2014
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The Washing Machine
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Yep. Corsair gamur crap can go where the sun doesn't shine. I love how this makes selecting product easier. I can just straight up not even look at a bunch of brands and the list is growing, but still have lots of options left. And in the meantime there are new companies rising from the bottom, starting small and pioneering new stuff that's not copy pasted from whatever leads popularity charts.

Thanks, Corsair for simplifying the world a little bit for us.

Maybe its me but all I ever knew that was worth looking at from them was a keyboard and a few PSUs, plus a handful of cases of yesteryear. And apart from the cases, they were great bang/buck choices that weren't shit, but there was always something better around.

TL DR ; "You won't be missed"
Dec 14, 2013
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Not to mention the issues with Corsair RAM and Ryzen.
You'd think by now they would have fixed what's been going on with what others have been accomplishing without any real problems.

It's like Corsair has turned a blind eye, not only to all that but now doing this ain't helping their bottom line either.