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Wifi on apex motherboard

Aug 27, 2011
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My apex xi has wifi ac and I want to swap the ax wifi chip but dont know how to take off the cover. Anyone has the manual to do it?
Jan 25, 2006
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just buy a decent wifi adaptor, has to be better than butchering your board


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Oct 12, 2008
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If it is under warranty; then, RMA it.
If not, call the manufacturer and ask for instructions, maybe.
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Mar 26, 2014
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Screws might be under the board. Have you tried using different antennas for better reach?
Jul 19, 2006
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It's a decent WiFi chip in there. Why remove it? I find getting larger antenna's does a lot of good, if you haven't tried it.
Nov 11, 2004
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My apex xi has wifi ac and I want to swap the ax wifi chip but dont know how to take off the cover. Anyone has the manual to do it?
The board makers don't really use replaceable modules any more, at least not on the boards that comes with I/O mounted Wi-Fi like below.

What you have now are these CNVi modules and they might not be interchangeable between manufacturers for one and secondly, I have not seen them on sale anywhere.

Technically it should be possible to remove them, there's a screw at the bottom of the board, but I haven't actually attempted it myself so...

I also can't seem to find any pictures of anyone else that have cracked one open. Do we have any takers here? :D

The easy solution would be to buy a PCIe x1 802.11ax card and disable the onboard Wi-Fi module.
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