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Win 10 fresh install, few dilemmas

Jan 31, 2012
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Hi all,

last night I did a fresh install of my Win 10 PC, because it was behaving weird lately. I have a few dilemmas though.

1.) I went in and DL from here the latest .esd file-> decrypted and started installation from USB. However, when I enter my cd-key it doesn't work during the installation. So, I took my windows 10 box and the USB stick inside and did the installation that way. As soon as I booted it downloaded 4GB update. Why I couldn't use my key before?

2.) After the fresh install, I went in on my MB product page for drivers. However, everything in the device manager is recognized. Do I really need : Intel management engine interface? or Intel rapid storage technology ? I had them with my previous install, but all it did was show up on start up and sit in the tray. Everything is working just as well now, without them ? I really don't know.

3.) Gigabyte Aorus engine : shows up on start up, but all I use it for is to press the button that starts the fans regardless of temperature ( up to 60 deg. neither fan spins up). It has a "Silent mode"and "Gaming mode" to change the clocks, but if I don't have it, will the AMD driver do it for me?

4.) Lastly, local account or MS account ? All my family uses this PC, and using the MS account is very cumbersome. Even if I add their own MS accounts as "Family"option it really pisses people off with all the passwords and even privileges are not what I wanted them to be. This time I went in with "Local" account and it boots up (cold and sleep) without a password. It doesn't sync, but I don't feel it as a big loss I think.
Jan 22, 2009
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Hi there!

1) I actually had the same problem. Try doing it from the Windows utility directly instead of converting the .esd, it will create the latest version on a USB key or an ISO. Worked for me.

2) I don't recommend to use the drivers on the MB product page as they are mostly outdated.
Try and go on http://www.station-drivers.com/index.php?lang=en
You will find more updated version of drivers (Realtek HDA, Intel INF drivers, Intel MEI, Intel RST, etc.). Also I would recommend to install driver when possible with the INF, it's a bit lighter then installation with the software (unless you need the software features)
I definitely recommend to install all drivers, so you get the latest fixes and features.
May 4, 2012
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1. Perhaps you have retail CD key and OEM .ESD image, or the other way around. Thus could mess up activation until you go online.

2. No, that's not necasary.

3. AMD driver and graphics cards BIOS will take care of fan speeds and temperatures.

4. Going without MS account is a bonus in many ways, perhaps, except security and bookmark synchronization for Edge.

PS. Thumbs up for avatar :)