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WIndow Vsita connecting to domain problem Help


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Nov 23, 2005
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Processor Intel Core I7 930 @3.8ghz
Motherboard GIgabyte UDR3
Cooling Zalman 9700
Memory G.Skill PI series 3x2GB
Video Card(s) PowerColor 6950 2GB Mod with 6970Bio + Sapphire 6950 OC edition
Storage 3x Western Digital 150GB Raptor Raid 5
Display(s) Toshiba 32inch wide screen LCD
Case Rosewill Armor Gaming ATX
Audio Device(s) Onboard sound
Power Supply Antec Truepower 700W 80%+
Software Window 7 Pro 64bit
hi all i just got a vista install on one of Work PC to test it out. now at my work place theres about 6 computer total connect to 1 single router and 1 hub switch. theres 1 server is hosting as domain controller ( only works for internal not web base).

before i install vista on this PC, i can just type \\iwe ( thats the server PC name) and it will give me the username and password prompt so i can go in and grab files.

but now after i install vista, i cant find \\iwe server PC anymore. i try to manualy add Domain controller through Computer name/domain changes, but it dosnt detect the Server PC.

the odd thing is in my workgroup i see all other 4 regular PC in my vista network but not the Server..

any idea anyone?