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Windows 10 Home OEM or Pro on old socket 775 system?

Oct 4, 2018
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System Name HP Pavilion a6552f
Processor Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400
Motherboard Asus IPIBL-LB / HP Benicia-GL8E
Cooling DeepCool Gammaxx 200
Memory 8gigs Kingston 4x2gigs DDR2-800
Video Card(s) Zotac GT630 "Fermi" 2gb DDR3 128bits Synergy Edition
Storage Western Digital Green 7200rpm 1tb
Display(s) LG Flatron EW234 Super LED
Case HP Pavilion
Audio Device(s) Onboard
Power Supply Thermaltake TR2 430w
Mouse Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition Blue LED
Keyboard Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Commander Red LED Backlighting Mechanical Keycaps Membrane Gaming Keyboard
Software Windows 7 Home Premium 64bits
Don't bother buying a key for that machine.

PM me. I can give you a Win 7 key that will activate with Win 10.

As far as the blue screens go, there's a lot that can be wrong. The GPU is probably on its way out and it is a miracle that it has lasted this long. It could be the RAM and it could also be the motherboard. It's an old system, anything goes...

Where are you located...?
Working on a donation project so that key to upgrade to 10 could be great. Thx
Jul 26, 2019
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Processor R7 1700 non-X @ 4.0 GHz
Motherboard Gigabyte AORUS Gaming 5
Cooling Noctua
Memory 32 GB 3200 MT/s CL16
Video Card(s) Sapphire Vega 64
Storage 2x 500 GB SSD, 2x 3 TB HDD
Case Silverstone FT02
Software Manjaro Linux, W10 if I have to
How about linux mint for example?
May 2, 2017
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Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1600X
Motherboard Biostar X370GTN
Cooling Custom CPU+GPU water loop
Memory 16GB G.Skill TridentZ DDR4-3200 C16
Video Card(s) AMD R9 Fury X
Storage 500GB 960 Evo (OS ++), 500GB 850 Evo (Games)
Display(s) Dell U2711
Case NZXT H200i
Power Supply EVGA Supernova G2 750W
Mouse Logitech G602
Keyboard Lenovo Compact Keyboard with Trackpoint
Software Windows 10 Pro
With an SSD in there that system should run just fine on W10. My old Q9450 felt snappy and responsive up until its 2017 retirement. But yeah, get a cheap quad core too.

For W10, go OEM (or ideally one of those cheapo licenses found online) and Home. Pro if you want Remote Desktop capabilities, but that's pretty much the only thing it adds for most users.
Aug 24, 2004
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Just testing out the hardware to see what it can do before the switch to 10.

So far I haven't found a graphics card benchmark that is compatible with Vista. Fur said it was but didn't work.

Internet speed test was the only success so far lol. Download 57.3/Upload 13.5
May 8, 2016
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System Name BOX
Processor Xeon E5-1680 v2 @ 4,3GHz
Motherboard Sabertooth X79 (BIOS 4801 + NVMe mod + uCode update)
Cooling Thermalright Venomous-X (w/LGA 2011 kit) + 2x Delta PWM Push-Pull
Memory 8x A-Data Xtreme 2000X 2GB (1868MHz CL8.9.8.24 CR2T @ 1,65V)
Video Card(s) ASUS GTX 1080 (FE)
Storage Samsung SM961 256GB NVMe, RAID0 2x WD10EZEX (1TB), HGST HUS726060ALE610 (6TB)
Display(s) Samsung T240
Case NZXT Tempest (Nanoflux/PWM fans only, some w/LEDs)
Audio Device(s) ASUS Essence ST Deluxe 7.1
Power Supply Seasonic X-760 (760W)
Mouse Roccat Savu
Keyboard Logitech UltraXPremium
Software Windows 10 Pro x64
Benchmark Scores https://www.passmark.com/baselines/V9/display.php?id=108080818886
Oct 10, 2009
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Madrid, Spain
System Name Cubito
Processor Core i7-8700K
Motherboard Asus TUF Z390M
Cooling Noctua NH-D15
Memory 32 GB DDR4 3000mhz Corsair Vengeance LPX
Video Card(s) Gigabyte GTX 1070Ti
Storage 2 x Samsung 850 EVO 250GB + Corsair MP510 500GB
Display(s) Asus ROG Swift PG258Q + Asus ROG Strix XG258
Case Thermaltake Core V21
Audio Device(s) Evga Nu Audio + Sennheiser HD599SE / PC350 + Trust Fyru
Power Supply Corsair RMX750
Mouse Logitech MX Keys + Roccat Nyth
Keyboard Corsair K70 MK.2
Software Windows 10 Home x64
You could consider a retired hp/dell office desktop with some more recent ivy bridge if you are going to change the cpu. They can go as little as 100€/$ and they are pretty nice for light office, maybe you can recycle the ram on your computer if it's ddr3. Just slap a ssd on it and the igpu will handle video decoding well.
Aug 24, 2004
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Since this motherboard is from 2008 maybe I should re-TIM the Nothbridge heat pipe. Use AS5?
Oct 28, 2018
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South Africa
System Name 1.Archimedes 2. Ianna
Processor 1. i7 7700k 2. R5 1600x
Motherboard 1. MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon 2. ASUS Prime X470 Pro
Cooling 1. U12S with IPPC 3000RPM 2. AMD Wraith Prism
Memory 1. 16GB Crucial 2400MHz (4x4GB) 2. 16GB Crucial 2666Mhz (4x4GB)
Video Card(s) 1. MSI 1060 Gaming X Plus(6GB). 2. MSI 1050TI Gaming X (4GB)
Storage 1. 32GB Optane+120 GB SSD, 4TB X300, Firecuda 2TB. 2. Kingston 240GB SSD, 2TB WD Blue
Display(s) 1.Samsung Q7FN 55 Inch 2. AOC G2460VQ6
Case 1. S340 Elite. 2. S340
Audio Device(s) 1. J450 Soundbar 2.Lenovo Y Gaming, Galaxy Buds
Power Supply 1. Antec TPC 750W (Seasonic OEM) 2. Antec Neo Eco II 550W (Delta OEM)
Mouse G502, G102
Keyboard G413
Gpu or ram at this rate.

You won't like the gui of 10 or its bloatware and forced bugged updates. Keep Vista or go Windows 7/Linux
Also I actually had some weird BSODs on my Q9400 LGA775 system with Win 10. It used to BSOD whenever I tethered phone for WIFI. Bluetooth also became laggy, audio was delayed through soundbar. I have to say Win 7 ran perfectly smoothly but Win 10 exposed 4GB ram terribly. I remember waiting long for thumbnails to load - indexing didnt help either.
Aug 24, 2004
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LOL! It's not fast but the GPU is ok with the latest driver. Good enough for the internet.