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wireless router hookup?

Dec 17, 2005
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OK, I want wireless in my room or w/e so i can use my laptop w/o the cable mess, but they do not make any wireless switches and i wanna know if i can use a wireless router. I have the modem hooked up to my router and i am wondering if i can hookup another wireless router in my room. It would go | modem>router>wireless router| would this work? Also, what wireless routers would any of you highly recommend? THX for replies!
Apr 8, 2006
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what you want is a wireless access point (or a wireless AP), but as a wireless route and AP's are about the same, just get a route.

any will be fine, but try for a pre-N stardard one if you can, better signal range!


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Feb 26, 2005
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I have a WRT150N and I like it fairly well so far. I picked it up for $75 shipped on Ebay, maybe you can find a similar deal.