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Wyse Drives Post-PC Trend - Makes World's Most Powerful Thin Client More Expandable

Discussion in 'News' started by btarunr, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. btarunr

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    Oct 9, 2007
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    Wyse Technology, the global leader in cloud client computing, today announced the newest member of its top-performing Z class thin client family with the availability of the Wyse Z90DE7 thin client. Built on an extended hardware platform that includes a PCI express (PCIe) expansion slot, this extremely secure, powerful new member of the Wyse Z class family is based on Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7. Like other Wyse Z90 family thin clients, the Z90DE7 combines the raw power of dual-core AMD G-series processors with Wyse’s industry-leading firmware based on Windows Embedded Standard 7 optimized for thin client performance, security, and ease of use. In addition, the Z90DE7 adds an expandable hardware platform to deliver multimedia and advanced security applications with exceptional, uncompromised performance and quality.


    The Wyse Z90 family of high-performance Windows Embedded thin clients introduced last year includes thin clients that are perfectly suited to users who increasingly demand more performance from their virtual desktop environment without sacrificing cloud client benefits of security and management.

    Featuring ultra-fast processing, accelerated graphics and multimedia, fast and flexible user connectivity, and excellent energy-efficiency, Wyse Z class delivers uncompromising high performance when users need it most. The new Wyse Z90DE7 adds a PCIe slot, which enables an increased number of peripheral devices, including additional displays, an integrated smart card reader, more legacy print/scanning devices, etc.

    The Z90DE7 supports up to six external displays, a wider and more diverse mix of peripherals, and integrated smart card reader, allowing customers to incorporate third party add-ons to deliver single sign-on capabilities for strong user authentication. This functionality is targeted at healthcare, financial services, and secure government installations.

    “Over the past year we have seen the Wyse Z class set the standard for multimedia performance in a thin client,” according to Param Desai, Senior Director, Product Management at Wyse Technology. “We have also seen more and more organizations requiring greater than two high definition displays, enhanced security via strong authentication and single sign-on, and the need to directly attach to a broader range of peripheral devices. The Wyse Z90DE7 addresses these needs for an expandable PC-like user experience without any of the security and management drawbacks.”

    With thousands of deployments in the financial services and healthcare industries, Wyse understands the importance of device integration, such as multiple monitors for financial professionals and smart card integration for healthcare workers. The Wyse Z90DE7 extends the already powerful capabilities of the high performance Z class family.

    “We plan to add Wyse Z90DE7 thin clients to our existing Z class deployment,” according to Maurice Cohen, Production Manager at Crédit Agricole Cheuvreux S.A. “The devices already have all the performance, security and manageability we need. With these new enhancements, however, integration with our smart card solution will be that much simpler.”

    Despite its high-performance capabilities, the Wyse Z90DE7 is extraordinarily energy-efficient. It consumes under 15 watts of power, and between 15 watts and 35 watts with the expansion slot occupied and operational. An energy-efficient processor and silent fan-less design, contribute to lowering an organization’s carbon footprint through power usage and emissions that are a fraction of traditional PC desktops.

    “It means a lot to us that we are able to deploy a mature computing infrastructure that consumes such little energy,” continued Cohen. “The Wyse Z90DE7 accommodates all of our display and peripheral needs but consumes one third or less energy of a similarly configured PC – while making the IT department more secure and easier to manage.”

    The Wyse Z90DE7, Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7-based thin client is available immediately, and more information can be found here.
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    Could I stick a GPU in it and play games?
  3. 1c3d0g


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    No. We have this POS terminal at work, and it's the slowest, jamtastic, most annoying crap I've ever dealt with. Seriously, the people in IT who recommended this POS should be taken out back and shot! :shadedshu
  4. Jizzler


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    This model? Or one of the older, lesser models (1 core, 1GB RAM)?

    Or are the problems more to do with the host servers and/or network?
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  6. wiak


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    its a bobcat!, so it has a Radeon hd 5450 glass gpu in it, so you can play CS on it :p
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