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X1950XT Crash with 3D Detection ( when exiting a game )


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Feb 9, 2008
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Hello, I am a new user of AtiTool, I have set the software for my X1950 XT ( from sapphire ) but I have a little problem. If I launch several games (3d) windows, the second one make ati tool in 3D clocks again but it still work. But if I exit one of the games, my card crashes :
- Black screen ; can't do anything
- The display comes back and I have a error message from ATI something called VPU recover..

I think I have correctly set ati tool with 2 profiles ( 2d and 3d ) and 3d detection works quite fine with only one window game. ( it may happens with only one game btw)

I use ati tool 0.26 and catalyst 8.1 ( with catalyst control center )

I also wonder if I have to stop Ati Hotkey Poller and Ati Smart , what are they for?

Thanks for your help ( and sorry for english mistakes )