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x700 512mb VS x1600 256mb


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Oct 24, 2004
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I can get two videocards for more or less the same price (+- 125 euro), but which one should i choose?


First one is a X1600 pro card with 256mb ddr2-ram. I think this chip is better than a x700, but as this is a fairly cheap card (€120) i think this one i stripped down from other x1600 cards.


This is the other one. A X700 card with 512mb ddr2-ram. This might be a good card, with such a load of memory, but i don't know if it can hold its performances over the x1600 listed above.

I just want a good gamers-card at a reasonable price. I'm not interested in other aspects such as video-playback and so on... I only consider these two cards, as it is in the same store where my new pc is made.

Thanx for answers and greetings
Jun 22, 2006
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Dawsonville, GA
System Name Nemy's comp
Processor AMD Athlon x2 4200+ @ 2.61ghz
Motherboard ASUS A8M2N-LA
Cooling 1x250mm (side), 2x120mm (one front and back), 6000+ stock cooler
Memory 3Gb Corsair value select PC2-4200 (2x512mb and 2x1gb))
Video Card(s) XFX HD7770
Storage 320gb Seagate Baracuda / 160gb western digital
Display(s) ASUS 19" widescreen LCD. 1440x900
Case Apevia Jupiter-JR S-Type
Audio Device(s) on-board. Audigy died D;
Power Supply Ultra 600W X-pro
Software Vista Home Premium
I would go with the 1600 just because of the 12 pixel shaders. My x700pro 256mb only has 8 pixel shaders and it has trouble with 1024x768 with eye candy turned on unless I have it overclocked to peak. (don't worry I got a ATI silencer on it!!)