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X800 Pro VIVO to XT PE Bios Mod

Discussion in 'Articles' started by W1zzard, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. ArkanHell


    Jul 31, 2006
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    I just so the article link on the side and I decided to post here, cuz its brings me so many good memories.
    Couples of years later of founding this article, about the "trasnformation" of the X800, I signed to TPU.
    As an owner of one, I got shocked. In those days I had started already to do some cpu overclock and I was an user of the glorius AtiTool.
    But a bios mode on my VGA? With 20 years and with a mid time job, risking to damage the vga was such a bomb of adrenaline, but, I couldnt resist to get a little more points in 3dmark03.
    So I done it.
    Wow, that fealing... I just got something like that the time that I made a Hot Bios Chip Swap on my mother board many years later.
    And there I got, on the reboot, the beep! of the mainboard, and on SO, the new recognized model X800 XT PE!
    Later in time I sold the VGA, I dont remember, prolly I bought a 1800XL something like that, And like 2 years later I saw a guy with my VGA on a LANPARTY, with the fan changed.
    And finally, in 2006, It was back to my hands, damaged. Another guy brought it to me, for repair in my shop. It was busted, and the guy just gave it away to me.
    And, since then. The X800 XT PE 256mb y hanging on the wall of my shop, reminding my passion, my way of live.
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  2. rockit00


    Sep 24, 2005
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    Hey, I have fond memories of the X800-X850 series also. My first bios flash was the 9550 to 9600Pro and was a success. The next card was the X850 Pro. The X850 Pro was a Great card for flashing because of so many options. First flash to unlock the pipes. Second flash to XT. Third flash to XT PE. I had to get the Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 5.2 to keep the beast cool! I owned 3 of the X850's in all and they were built like tanks. I only sold them to get the X1950 Pro. I think the X800-X850's were the most exciting cards that I ever owned. :toast:
    10 Year Member at TPU

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