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X800 XT driver question


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Feb 23, 2005
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Hello I successfully flashed my X800 Pro VIVO to a full working X800 XT. My 3DMark05 scores increased a 1,600 points so i know it worked. I dont have any issues with artifacts or anything like that. My problem seems to be that only the Cat 5.1's seem to work on my card good. If i run the CS:Stress test i get 106 with the 5.1's with everything on high and 4X "AA" and 8X"AF". I feel these scores are about right with my 3200+ processor. The problem is if i use any other driver including all the new ones i only seem to get 82 fps on the stress test. I dont know if other games are affected as well or just Counter Strike Source. Has anyone else had similar issues or am I the only one. And yes for your information i did do the whole driver cleaner thing in safmode before installing the new ones. Anyone?