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Xazax's Build Thread

Discussion in 'System Builder's Advice' started by Xazax, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Xazax


    Jan 6, 2008
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    After Scrapping my last, build(790i FTW digital, GTX260 E8600) For cash, since i was done doing what i wanted with it(which was OC the piss out of it 5.0ghz anyone?) I've used the money i've earned and "downgraded" to something That will better suit my everyday, gamer needs... Here is a list of Part's i've scrambled together.

    E6550 2.33Ghz 4mb L2 ($70)
    I found this on Ebay for 70~ bucks shipped I figured it be perfect seeing as though the E5200 is 45nm, the E6550 has more Cache, is slightly cheaper and can still overclock well enough. Was originally planning on use this in the mATX MSI 945GC but I figured since i've gotten no interest in it at all ill give an E2xxx and give it to my parents.

    Asus P5Q Deluxe($134, Openbox from newegg.com)


    I was torn for awhile on what to get, i've dealt with Nvidia motherboard most my career of building my own PC's and have had some very bad luck with 3 of the ASUS board's i've owned but my buddy swears by ASUS, he has a Rampage X48.. and i figured since nvidia is going out of the market i figured it probably wasn't a good idea to get another board of theres. I finally ended up going with P45.

    (quantity of 2) 2x2GB Gskill PI Black 800mhz CAS 4-4-4-12 (109~)

    I picked up on the GSkill's because of the price(50 per 4GB sticks), and recommendation from my friend on overclock-ability, got 8GB worth for 100~

    Astek LCLC(Water cooler)
    Bought from Cdawall and i figured its exactly what i'd need for my first foray into water cooling, self contained and easy to set-up until im ready to dish out more dough and get a really good WC setup and learn how to do it all ;)

    (also bought from CDawall)
    Triple 36GB Raptors, after looking over "Raptor Raid comparison"
    I figured the ICH10R on the P5Q-Deluxe should make these Raptors Scream, I could of choose some other HDD's as well but i really dont use any Space (most i ever used im my PC was 70~ GB) most All my stuff(important and whatnot) is stored on a External USB HDD, which is why i found these raptors Perfect!(As well as pricing!) I plan on putting them in RAID 0 loading with Either Vista 64-bit or XP 64-bit havent decided which one i'd want to try

    Total for the HDD+ WC(And he threw 2 120mm fans thanks!) $130

    Modified Lian-Li, ill have pictures of it soon, bought this off the forums about 6 months ago, guess it see sevice again its pretty beat up but it will work.
    Please refer to thread "recommendations on case" if you have some suggestions!


    PowerSupply (96~ -35 MIR)
    PC Power & Cooling 610w/83% Efficient/Single 49AMP Rail
    I've looked over a few PSUs and i figured this is exactly what i need at the right price, wattage etc, A Single powerful rail 600w+ PSU @$65 gets the win!

    Graphics card
    Since the HD4870 was sold before i made this whole decision, i'll be using a Sapphire 2400PRO 512mb- 64bit! :rockout: Graphics cards are where im really a sucker at, because i always want the best(GTX260/HD4870, even GTX280 or HD4870x2) But in reality i know I'm spending too much, my max monitor Size is 1680x1050 so i dont need a powerful card, yet i love to compete in Bench marking, and overclocking so i do tend to go overboard :ohwell:
    I think i'll just ride the 2400PRO out until ATI newer card's hit or Nvidia's and either pick one up, or pick up the HD4877/50's as other people drop them in favor of the new one's

    Lite-on Sony CD-ROM/DVD SATA
    umm, its a CD-ROM what else!? :rolleyes:

    OS Choice, I'm going to lean on Vista 64-bit for now, i have XP 64bit but I really like the new features in Vista

    Total Cost: $574 sans case and a good GFX card, my estimated total including both should come to around 800ish give or take.

    Initial thoughts/plans
    RAID 0 the Raptors, Turn of Paging File, since ill have 8GB of ram i can finally do so! See What can of Overclock i can get out of the E6550 I'm a total noob on Asus motherboard so i'll need a guiding hand on how to work the BIO's

    Any comments, suggestions, recommendations and help are much welcomes and be given a big thank you! :toast:
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  2. Xazax


    Jan 6, 2008
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    ***Reserved for Pictures***
  3. IggSter


    Aug 24, 2007
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    Only a couple of things i could suggest:

    1. I dont see mention of your O/S of choice, but if Vista would a USB speedboost flashdrive be worth it?
    2. Be careful when turning off the page file as some apps just don't like not having one. Maybe consider making it a few hundred meg only.

    That all I can think of atm
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