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[WTB] XFI Capable sound card PCI -EX

Jun 21, 2009
1,521 (0.49/day)
System Name Betty The Dirty Dragon
Processor AMD 8350 @4.8
Motherboard ASUS sabertooth rev 2
Cooling Watercooling - Swiftech GTZ - XSPC RS360 - XSPC RX120
Memory 8GB corsair vengeance cas 9
Video Card(s) 280x 1100core 1600 mem
Storage 240 gb ssd- 2 tb Storage
Display(s) Samsung 24" 2433BW
Case Corsair 650d
Audio Device(s) Xfi Fatality Titanium Pro
Power Supply XFX 850 fully modular
Software Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Hi guys im after a pci ex sound card that is preferably xfi capable, im willing to pay shipping if from us but obviously easier and faster if from eu.
I have an PCI version of the XFI Gamer Extreme if you are intrested in a trade also. I have cash to buy now, So let me know what you got.