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XFX Partners with AMD: Collaboration Gives Gamers More Options at Every Price Point

Nov 21, 2007
3,684 (0.99/day)
Smithfield, WV
System Name Felix777
Processor Core i5-3570k@stock
Motherboard Biostar H61
Memory 8gb
Video Card(s) XFX RX 470
Storage WD 500GB BLK
Display(s) Acer p236h bd
Case Haf 912
Audio Device(s) onboard
Power Supply Rosewill CAPSTONE 450watt
Software Win 10 x64
If XFX is going to expand their R&D, then the quality of NV cards should probably be the same as usual. But given the situation of this current economy, I highly doubt they'll recruit more tech professionals for the ATI dept, which in turn equals to cutting NV resources to spare for their ATI dept. Would this affect its product quality then?

I really think that would be extremely dumb on their part, i could care less that they went ATI, though kinda happy for ATI XFX has a good rep and it sorta shows that the HD 4870 made a decent impact this year on Nvidia sales. As for them being behind i'm sure they'll be fine they've been making graphic cards for years, yes nvidia layout build is different from HD 4870 but then again so is the 9800GTX to the GTX 2X0 series. They'll do fine and make a name for themselves as an ATI manufacturer as well, though i thk it's be BA if they changed some of the green on their logo to red for their ATI cards.