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Yet another build question

Discussion in 'System Builder's Advice' started by Yamaraja, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Yamaraja New Member

    Feb 15, 2011
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    I already have 2 Sapphire 6950's
    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750

    I am getting a Sata III 120gb SSD (Crucial C300 or OCZ Vertex 3 depending on when I get CPU and board) for the boot drive.
    On the way already are 2 WD Black 1.5tb for raid0 storage
    12gb Ram whatever is friendly with the board I get.

    The question is.
    For gaming mostly with some video encoding but not much which is the best way to go.
    I update about every 3 years or so.

    What should I go with between now and the next 2 months?
    X58 and I7950?
    P67 and SB2600k?
    Wait a month or so for Z68 (or 7 whatever it is going to be) and SB2600k?

    Current system is fading fast so cant wait for socket 2011
    As well as bottlenecking the heck out of the vid cards

    Current system:
    Intel Core2Duo E6850('Conroe')3.0 @ 3.4
    Asus P5E x38 Rev 1.03 1201 SSD Mod bios
    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro
    OCZ EL DDR2 PC2-8800 4GB @850mhz 4-4-4-12
    150GB WD Raptor 10,000RPM x2 Raid0
    300GB Maxtor 7200rpm
    640GB WD 6400AAKS x2
    2x Sapphire 6950 2gb Stock CF
    Catalyst 11.2
    E-MU E-DSP Audio Processor 1616m
    PC Power & Cooling 750 Quad PSU
    Antec SX830 Modded
    Windows 7 Pro 64bit
    Viewsonic VX2255wmb x2
  2. Undead46

    Undead46 New Member

    Feb 16, 2011
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    USA, Texas
    P67 and i7 2600K would be my recommendation.
    It's right around the corner, and there's no point in a Z68 board if you don't plan on using the on-board GPU, imo.

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