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YOU CAN HELP ME Sapphire x1800xt 256mb bios send please


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Apr 16, 2006
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YOU CAN HELP ME Sapphire x1800xt 256mb bios send please

please 256mb x1800xt sapphire bios send me pitbullalex@hotmail.com (zip or rar):respect:

x1800xt 256mb to flash 512mb version problem is now :( :banghead: :banghead:

:respect: :respect:

Saphhire x1800xt 256mb users atitool bios dump(save) bios send please :respect:

saphire site or techpowerup 256mb x1800xt bios not found .thnx users
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Apr 4, 2006
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Processor A64 3200+ @ 2.7ghz Venice S-939 33c idle 40c load
Motherboard MSI RD480 Neo2-FI Crossfire 200
Cooling Arctic ALPINE 64 on CPU, Arctic silencer on GPU
Memory 2x 1GB Wintec Ampo DDR450 2.5,3,3,6 T1 DualChannel
Video Card(s) X1600XT HIS @ 650core/810 44c idle 62c load
Storage HITACHI Deskstar 7K80 80GB 3.5" S-ATA@150mbps
Display(s) CRT 17" E-View
Case Spire BlueFin SP-6190U Blue/Silver
Audio Device(s) Azalia High-Defintion integrated audio
Power Supply Aspire 520 Watt W/ 35a 12v Rail
Software WindowsXP Pro SP2, 6.4 Catalyst, ATI tool .25 beta
should we shaft the guy for not being smart enough to read up before he flashed?

i know if i were to flash my x1600xt 256mb with a 7900gtx 512mb bios id be disapointed if u helped me.
i know it sounds mean, but the guy clearly has it coming, i cant stand people who dont think.

its not a matter of knowledge, because there are definetly enough guides all accross the internet about everything GPU specific. Its a matter of freaking common sense, and to have enough to know if you dont have a clue, dont go through with something with such risk, untill youve asked enough questions, and read enough about it to have some confidence to do something like this.

he may not even have known why hes flashing the bios in the first place.

this person joined the forums, this is his 3rd post. Yes you guessed it, the other 2 are the exact same request begging for someone to fix his errors. and as soon as that is done, he wont come back until something else needs fixing. hes a leach.

so i say leach, read up, learn about what you are doing, then come back here and well get you some help. until then dont leach off my favorite forums.