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Your Opinion: Safe GTL ref. and VTT volts


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Jan 19, 2009
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As the title says, I've been doing some research out of boredom regarding vtt (fsb termination?) voltages and gtl references. Though there are mixed opinions online, I would like your thoughts: what is a "safe" (non-killing) VTT for your computer?

*Sorry if this subject has already been brought up


Sep 27, 2006
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i use .78 and .74


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Mar 9, 2007
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GTL Refs dont have a safe/unsafe voltage really as its a percentage of the VTT.

VTT voltage are a touchy subject as there is no REAL documented truth about whats safe and whats bad... Beleave me here I have been to BOTH sides of the internet in search of ansears.

Some people reccomened around 1.2, some reccomend to stay under 1.4... some run over 1.4... it really is a hot topic. and comes down to what YOU feel safe with.

For example my 9450 runs 3.8Ghz @ 475FSB @ 1.24VTT, to get 500FSB to post to windows i needed 1.4VTT, northbridge and core coltages would not effect that... but as soon as i bumped the vtt to 1.4 BAM posted to windows...

Now personally i dont want to tempt fate with that high of a voltage for a measly 25Mhz on a machine that will be a workstation for me, if this was my test bench i would probobly run at 1.4-1.5VTT and push it as high as i can.