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Your thoughts on the Corsair virtuosos

Feb 27, 2020
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Hey guys I’m looking to buy the Corsair virtuosos for audio because I have a blue yeti and I really want some wireless headphones but I’m seeing mixed feeling in the virtuosos some people tell me it’s the best and some ppl say it’s trash what are y’all’s person opinion on them

Dang so everyone just stopped replying


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Apr 9, 2010
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if its from a gamer brand and you care about quality look elseware
Feb 27, 2020
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any suggestions

i honestly just want some good sounding headphones that are wireless
Sep 17, 2014
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My Corsair Lightning Pro setup with three led strips just straight up failed a week ago. Had it about a year. Staying far away from this brand. Its clearly just Chinese crap with a sticker. I will claim warranty on this though, but still. A god damn led strip, how hard can it be.

ANYWAY. Good wireless headphones... I hear good stories about HyperX stuff if it must be gaming branded, if it doesn't, look into the audio - NON GAMER - corner. Sennheiser, JBL, AKG, that sort of stuff. Might need to sacrifice the microphone, which can be fixed in other ways (standing mic for example).

Myself I've always been partial to Sennheiser, pretty neutral soundstage especially on their higher quality stuff.
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Sep 10, 2018
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Audio is pretty subjective without listening to the headset yourself it's impossible to know if they are worth it to you or not. Out of the wireless headsets I own I would rate them last... The Arctis pro wireless are the best out of these but also much more expensive with the logi coming in second

Oct 17, 2012
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i avoid wireless when quality is a concern personally. everyone see's 'good' differently, but as an example, my airpod pros constantly disconnect on win10. my Xbox1 controller does too, really anything i BT connect does, so i make a habit of wire connecting anything that needs constant information transfer with the PC, the wireless logitech G502 was a huge letdown for me. i just think bluetooth is not 'there yet' in terms of reliability. ive gone through many different adapters, but none have given a reliable seamless experience. ill admit it could be interference, or any number of things, but if it happens, it means there is a weak point, which to me is not "good".

id take a pair of Sennheiser HD 200 Pro Monitoring Headphones over almost any wireless headphones any day.