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Z-5500 Woes


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Jun 13, 2019
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Hello all!
I searched through the forums over the course of a few days...(Lurking):p Now I've found that modded audio drivers STILL DO exist!!! Ive also found that there is a forum (here) where there are ppl who have been cherishing & holding on to their z-5500 units like squirrell and his last nut! Unfortunately, the issue bringing me here is with my z-5500 and not drivers... Bearing in mind this thing has been my go-to for well OVER ten years... v2.0.4 firmware PID-540 !!! Currently running it on an Asus Hero VI MoBo using onboard audio with Realtek 6.0.8688.1 (Old Creative X-fi-PCI sound card doesn't fit.:banghead:

(I think) My control pod has taken a dump... Sometimes when powered down, and as of late, even while powered up the pod will glitch into a state where all of the digital characters display as whole blocks on the LCD screen. This was previously remedied by cutting power to the Z-5500 for about 5-10 seconds then restoring it...Initially, no matter which setting I chose and even after clearing the digital blocks my LF channel was really low in sound during testing and normal playback while all other speakers produced accurate sound. Now after further testing there is NO SOUND at all from EITHER of the speakers...

1) Checked Software/MoBo settings (all properly configured)
2) Checked wire and feed connections (all secure/undamaged/correctly matched)
3) Swapped speaker connections ( silent speaker plays on other channels)
4) Switched between modes via buttons (same missing audio LF channel)
5) Toggled 6ch direct mode switch on the back of control pod (no audio)
6) Attached iPod directly to control pod (Speakers produced sound with LF channel still silent. Other channels were active-until now)

Any information or advice is greatly appreciated. I have already searched up some replacement control pods from 3rd parties just in case my theory is correct. Needless to say, I'm "Slightly" out of the warranty period... Has anyone experienced something similar?:confused:


UPDATE: Sound restored to other speakers outside of the SAME faulty LF channel. It appears that with all the recent jostling, one of the leads acquired a break or a fault somewhere. I replaced the 3 G-B-O 3.5mm leads and I have sound again. Again though, the ORIGINAL problem with the LF audio channel remains...
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