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Zerotherm, anybody use their products?

Mar 17, 2005
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Belfast...N. Ireland mate!
System Name Jezebelle
Processor FX6300 @4.5GHz
Motherboard Biostar A880GZ
Cooling Zalman CNPS9700
Memory 2x8GB Ballistix Sport
Video Card(s) VTX3D HD 7870 Tahiti 2GB
Storage Sandisk Ultra II 480GB, Sammy 1TB F3
Display(s) BenQ Xl2411Z
Case Acer Aspire T180 stealth case
Audio Device(s) Onboard Realtek 7.1 HD, does the job!
Power Supply Enermax Infiniti 720W
Keyboard Logitech G15
Software 7 Pro
Hey folks, I saw a few reviews for their gfx coolers and wondered it anyone here uses them. They look quite nce, very thin fins on a heatpipe structure :toast:


not a suicide-bomber
Mar 11, 2006
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Processor AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile TL-60 (Trinidad)
Motherboard ASUS F3Ka (ATI RS690M)
Cooling stock
Memory Nanya 2x1GB ddr2 667@5-5-5-15-2T
Video Card(s) ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600 512MB DDR2@ 580mhz/486mhz
Storage 160GB on laptop+250GB external
Display(s) ASUS 15.4
Case Asus Laptop F3Ka chassis
Audio Device(s) on-board
Power Supply 1:30minutes battery
Software "genui xp", 'cause i hated vista
only heard of the one that looks like a butterfly from top
Jan 11, 2007
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Processor x2 4000+@2.96gz, thermalright ultra90 with 90mm panaflow ultra speed
Motherboard biostar tforce 550
Cooling Thermalright ultra90,90mm panaflow ultra speed fan
Memory Transend AxeRam ddr2 800@986mhz 5-5-5-15 2t TrFc 75ns
Video Card(s) x1900xtx+zalman vf900cu cooler
Storage 80+160+200+250gb
Display(s) 20.1in gaming lcd 1600x1200@120hz(dvi-d)
Case cg-briza (thx again to ashen)
Audio Device(s) realtek 8ch hd audio latist drivers
Power Supply 400watt fsp 12cm fan psu
Software windows 2003 sp2(custom build),nod32,opera9,tcmp,vlc,udrfrag,perfect disk,utorrent
a buddy of mine has one on a x1650xt, its not bad, he wishes he had gone with the zalman vf900 tho, but hey, he got the zerotherm cheap, 28bucks localy(tho its lighted and a very ugly orenge color...rofl)
Oct 27, 2005
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Processor Intel e2140@2.2ghz 275*8
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-G31MX-S2
Cooling Stock cpu, 2 120mm silverstone fans in case.
Memory 2GB OCZ vista PC-6400
Video Card(s) Integrated for now
Storage Hitachi Deskstar 320GB sata II
Display(s) 17 crt
Case Ultra Aluminus
Audio Device(s) Integrated
Power Supply 400 Ultra
Software windows xp sp3
i have a x850 pro know to hit temps around 70c. put on the zalman fatal1ty cooler and now temps are at 27c-29c idle and 45c max. great cooler that i highly recommend. same as the vf900, but with higher rpm fan.