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Zotac GeForce 9800 GT Amp! Edition

Dec 28, 2006
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Hurst, Texas
System Name The86
Processor Ryzen 5 3600
Motherboard ASROCKS B450 Steel Legend
Cooling AMD Stealth
Memory 2x8gb DDR4 3200 Corsair
Video Card(s) Gigabyte GTX 1070
Storage WD Black 512gb, WD Blue 1TB
Display(s) HP 27in
Case Raidmax Alpha Prime
Power Supply 700W Thermaltake Smart
Mouse Logitech Mx510
Keyboard Razer BlackWidow 2012
Software Windows 10 Professional
they said the same about the Geforce4 MX, granted it wasn't the excat same situation, but no one can honestly say the MX was a bad card, it was one of Nvidia's most popular cards, but the community at large called it a lame duck


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Nov 22, 2005
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Indiana, USA
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Memory 32GB DDR4-3600
Video Card(s) RTX 2070 Super
Storage 500GB SX8200 Pro + 8TB with 1TB SSD Cache
Display(s) QNIX QX2710 1440p@120Hz
Case Fractal Design Define S
Audio Device(s) Onboard is good enough for me
Power Supply eVGA SuperNOVA 1000w G3
Software Windows 10 Pro x64
i really find it hard to find a product that sucks at everything.

the 8800 gt is a good card as you say, so the 9800 gt is a good card as well if there wasnt the name. how much does it matter for the end user if his card is called 8800, 9800, 10800, or donald duck as long as it performs? sure its lame from nvidia to not innovate at all, but declare a product useless because of that?

Very well said. The name on the card, IMO, means nothing.


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Apr 18, 2008
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I think it has one important thing every one forgot....Hybrid SLI technology. again cant these guys implement it on the card itself by disabling sp s than using a separate set on a motherboard. hope the next gen does that.