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[US] Zotac GeForce GT520

Krazy Owl

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Jan 12, 2012
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System Name HTPC-Cube
Processor AMD Athlon 64 skt754 3200+ 1M cache
Motherboard Foxconn Winfast K8S760MG-6LRS
Cooling Stock
Memory 2 gigs DDR400
Video Card(s) HIS IceQ 4670 AGP 1gig DDR3
Storage White label 80gigs sata
Display(s) Polaroid 19 inches 1366X768 LED
Case Chenming cube
Audio Device(s) Onboard
Power Supply Raidmax RX-500S
Software Seven Pro 64bits
Aug 29, 2005
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Whatever my internet protocol shows I guess O.o
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Cooling Thermalright True (Old legend still going strong) 1xNoctua NF-F12 PWM | Fan xD
Memory Geil Dragon 2x8GB@3000mhz 15-17-17-35 (GWW416GB3000C15DC) | 2GB DDR3-L @ 1600mhz
Video Card(s) MSI GTX 1080 Ti FE "Pascal" | Intel HD Graphics
Storage OS/Games:Samsung 960 EVO 250GB NVME|2xSamsung EVO 850 1TB SSD|Data:3xWD Red/Purple 4TB & WD SE 1TB
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Case Phantek Eclipse P400 Black/White | Intel Compute Case
Audio Device(s) Creative Core3D (Onboard) | Intel HD Audio
Power Supply Corsair SF600 | Generic Intel Power Adapter (3amp)
Mouse Logitech G502 | Logtech MK270 kit @ Lynni-Stick
Keyboard Razer Blackwidow Chroma X UK
Software Win10 Pro CU UK x64 | Win10 Home CU x86
Benchmark Scores 3DMark Skydrive @ 1440p: GS: 25188 / PS: 12238 / CS: 25308: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/11665249
nice deal on a GT 520 it's perfect for HTPC's and so on, and can do 1080p through Cuda (with Media Player Classic (CCCP) and CoreAVC) on even single cpu's tested that out myself ^^

and not 2weeks ago my dad bought a EVGA GeForce GT 520 1GB for around 56,72 USD and for around 23,20 USD he will get 10years warranty on the card, but that Zotac is a sweet deal ^^