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Hey, new member here & not sure if someone could help w this...My son has a Lenovo laptop and he visits my Mother on the weekends when I work nights, long story short, she allows him to eat w PC in his lap and there is all kinds of gunk under the keys that I was told jus "pop off"....yeah....so is there a way to safely remove all of the food &etc. From under keys??? Please and thank u ~️
Are you alright? You haven't been responding to my PMs.
I don't know what happened to them. I posted them before we left England. So I'm not bother chasing them Specially you. Sorry about that
Xx Tek Tip xX
Xx Tek Tip xX
Thanks for the reply
Tomorrow is one of our busiest days of the week and I have got to keep it together. Not sure how I will but, I'm gonna try like hell to do so! Wish me Luck!! Goodnight, I need my rest. First though, I am gonna pour a glass of wine, try and pre-chill, before bed.
A constant buzz of wants until I found a Pizza joint, 2 blocks away, that let me chill unmolested, and warm, for 20 minutes. A few days earlier, same thing, missed my stop, but this time I was just 8 blocks away and just zombie walked home. I am at the end of my frayed rope holding on with one, very tired hand. Twice today I snapped at my employees for little, to no, reason.
Man, I am exhausted as hell. Nearly missed my bus stop, again! Earlier this week, I feel asleep on the bus and woke up 5 miles from home. Smack dab in a shady neighborhood with drunks and shitbirds galore! Bus back was 40 minutes away and it was 18 F out with a steady wind. "Got a square? Can I get a dollar from you? Got any spare change?"
One more day, in the books. I have an asst mgr hired and will be starting next week, I hope. What a relief!! However, I still have from now, until that point I have to somehow try to maintain my shaky sanity!! I am all outta wax on my candle. Nothing but an ember slowly burning out. Goodnight, I hope I can get through another day, without ending up in the hospital w/ exhaustion!
Ferrum Master
Ferrum Master
I didn't loose any data. Albeit I could update one PC only using ISO made by media creation tool. Clean install is strongly advised with this one.
I have been since day 1. Clean installs though, so data loss is a given. :P
Been there since MS pushed the builds to Insiders Fast Ring (a clean install of 1803 during July/August and then I went straight into Insiders). No data loss or driver problem to report yet, except for Windows forcing Radeon Software to version 17.12 (although the drivers themselves are up to date). I would still backup everything just in case or wait a bit more, if you're not in a hurry to update to 1809...
We will have a review of Steel Shadows up, but it's gonna be about a week late due to a previous title requesting next week's slot three weeks in advance (they also sent me a physical press kit and its super cool).
Man. I am beat. I closed the store early today, then fell asleep in the breakroom!! I've been working open to close, as the only keyholder, for 3+ weeks now! I have had 3 days off, since Oct. 21st. Since my Asst. Mgr. stopped showing up, I have been 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, not including commute (about an hour a day). Plus, I am there before open and after close...I am there more than I am home!!
Had my iPhone XR for about a week now and I love it in my opinion much better then my crappy google pixel 2 I hated using google. Finally got my voicemail back to normal then google voicemail to email all I needed to do is change my call Forwarded number in the Verizon app.
Explaining the transitive property (of equality) to students this semester without outright telling them what to do:

y = 2*x^2 - 4
y = x^2 - 4*x + 1

IF a = b
AND a = c
THEN b = c
They failed to understand this...so,

IF 10 pennies = 2 nickels
AND 10 pennies = 1 dime
THEN 2 nickels = 1 dime
Some failed to understand this too...so,

IF 10 = 5 + 5
AND 10 = 2*5
THEN 5 + 5 = 2*5
Again, some failed to understand.

Got rid off my windows partition since I spend the vast majority of my time using Ubuntu. There are a couple of software like Office and banking stuff that I rum using a Windows VM with 32 gigs of virtual hard disk. This feels cleaner than dual booting.
My Windows 10 copy deactivated itself and I have no idea how im supposed to fix it
Was it an upgrade or a purchase?
Its a bug within the last windows 10 update. Id get on livechat or call them to see if they could reactivate your copy. providing you have a legit key