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My birthday entry for game sites and I'm still alive and kicking.
Sent my dad's (out of warranty) Macbook to an authorized service centre today, my dad's busy at work and can't do it himself. They charge MYR 200 (~USD 45) just for diagnosis. Apple tax, man...
I literally just got lost reading toot's, or post's, on Mastodon. I read an article in Wired, FEB issue, and decided to check it out. so, still a noob there but, gonna see what up there. So far, so good. The server I joined seems interesting, so far. Anyone else here migrated over there, from Twit?
Never engaged with Twitter - thought about Mastodon but I use Instagram for specific reasons. I heard it's quite different, very decentralised and that you join specific servers.
Right, there is no owner of it. It is run on some platform and people host servers all over the world. Some are specific, topical, work related, invite only, and so on. Most are open to anyone, and you can contact anyone despite the server they're on. Eventually, I am gonna search some of my twitter folks up on Mastodon, eventually, not on my priority list, though.
Well, only had one day off this week, Thursday. 64 hours this week! Hopefully, no extra shifts this coming week, I am scheduled 48 hours for a 5 day period. I would like one regular week, this month, please? LOL. I know I have an extra shift, week after this week so, this is the only opportunity to have 2 days off!
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Why do you enjoy suffering?
The suffering has a goal in mind. At the end of this month, March, I will have enough money saved up to purchase a brand new motorcycle. It's been a goal of mine for the last year. I have had motorcycles before but, never a new one, always used ones that I had to fix up and work on to use. I am excited!
Hello everyone and good night! I kindly ask device owners that have USB-based Realtek chips (Example: ALC4080 and others) to send me the hardware IDs of those chips for each of their systems via PM so I can include them in the driver. I'm starting a complete redesign work on the package based on Realtek drivers.
I suppose HWID USB\VID_0DB0&PID_36E7&MI_00 missed in HDXExt_CreativeSBX.inf
I don't dig dipper may be HWID missed somewhere else

By the way after install driver appear second HWID - USB\VID_0DB0&PID_36E7&REV_0001&MI_00


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Thanks for 9492!
some trouble - xfi bm5 still dont working
by the way - in install sript, that appears after install on desktop - has not VID_0DB0&PID_36E7 in cycle
for I := 0 to MediaQuery.Count-1 do
Thanks for the driver! its awesome!

but it not work on motheroard MSI MPG B650I EDGE WIFI

Audio device ID: USB\VID_0DB0&PID_36E7&MI_00

And i found that audio device ID USB\VID_0DB0&PID_36E7&MI_00 missed in *.inf file AAFOptimusDCHAudioPack and *cat files

F1 please!

thanks in advice!
I tried to open the 2022_ASUS-P6T-DELUXE-V2-1203-NVME_M.2_SSD_BIOS_MOD.rar file, but it asks for a password to open the file. How did you manage to open this file? I was looking on the net for some article about ASUS P6T de luxe v2 and nvme and I found this site. Thanks.
Turns out the first time I sent my Gigabyte RX5600XT card to the seller as part of the warranty process, they didn't even send it to Gigabyte and sent the card back to me unfixed and still crashing. Also explains why GB says they never had the card in their system.

Had to tell the seller I really want the card sent to GB this second time.
Wow that's ridiculous, your clearly patient, they even had it a while the gits, ,I cannot express in words here what I would have done, especially if I could actually visit said shop.

I certainly wouldn't pass them more money though too, good luck with your issue, hopefully Gigabyte will sort it soon.
Heard stories of GB being bad with warranty, turns out I never actually faced it the entire time because it was never sent to them in the first place!
kinda miss my z170 board (killed both cpu and mobo due to failed oc), it had some really cool features i wish i still had and that overclock wasn't even worth it because my gpu is the main bottleneck in games
My tech tip: If your PC crashes & restarts itself, when you open the Event Viewer afterwards, don't bother with Event 41 Kernel-Power and Event 6008 EventLog, these only mean that your PC didn't shut down correctly.

Instead look for other errors that happen around the time of the two events, for example BugCheck or WHEA-Logger for example, those are the real errors.