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No nicotine for 14 hours.. grr..
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I took the meow meow way of quitting smoking by vaping. But I somehow lost it yesterday.. I went to go buy another one today, but they dont have the tank I buy my coils for. Eff it, I will just tough it out. I do have to say it sucks though :D
Vaping is smoking with extra steps. Or that's what I've heard.
Yes and no.. my juice has 6 food grade ingredients, no fancy salts or flavors, just grape :)

I did find it, and I did have some pulls.. I am going to lower my Nic tomorrow and ween myself off.

Being an addict sucks. I know a lot of it was in my head. I had almost no physical symptoms.

Not gonna lie, I was pretty bitchy today lol. I didn't come online much for that reason.
I just got a Mo-ra 420 to pasively cool liquid devil up to 200w and with NF-A20 1200 rpm fans at 1200 rpm for 410+ watts in hopes to bring down my hotspot
A mid-month Survive The Hunt? Madness! Quite welcome!!
And some adventures from LeatherCap in the same episode;
(Language warning!!)