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Is 'Dinnercore' the art of hammering cutlery and kitchen utensils on bowls, plates, pots and pans of all shapes, sizes to make a musical subgenre of metal known as 'Dinnercore' ???
That is quite accurate. It originally references a mediocre youtube-poop in which the king from the Zelda CD-i games is asked: 'What music do ALL true warriors strive for?' And his answer is: 'Dinnercore - mah boi!'. I knew that word would never make sense to anyone really, but I loved the unique combination of phonetic pattern, strange literal translation and rememberability and being a nickname not used on the web.
Going to skip the 2080 my 1080 is just over a year old but I think it can play new games even with good prices.
so, Nvidia has unveiled the RTX lineup... the 2070 looks like a decent upgrade. Will wait for reviews & let the card speak up for itself.
Yesterday, Wednesday, at work I was unpacking the weekly order. They pack it with those 4'x4' plastic air bubbles. I need to pop them all, before tossing them. I grabbed a new razor blade and promptly sliced a gash across my thigh! Then, moments later cut my finger!! Spent Wednesday Night, into Thursday morning at the VA emergency room. No stitches. But about 5 "SteriStrips" to hold the wound closed.
What do you do with all your rebuilt computers? Do you have a "museum" of some sort? :)

Hungry. It's late. Gotta be to work early. I guess I will fix a bowl of cereal and hit the sack. Ordering a pizza at this point, seems like it will take too long, waiting for it, eating it,,,that could take nearly an hour! Breakfast before bed, it is!!
Started modest. Just enough. B350, Ryzen 3, and GTX 1050. I was happy. B350 craps out. I see an X370-F going for less than a new B350. I jump.

PSU is starting to whine bad. Consider moving to a nicer 650w, but the 750w is 2 bucks more. Seasonic.

Now, the sudden wasted potential starts to eat me up inside. 6-phase, 750w... R3?! 1050?! Stupid

So I just nabbed a Ryzen 5 2600. Wonder what Nvidia's up to these days...
Sometimes we wade through the sea of life. dragging a heavy suitcase made of lead, packed full of regrets that slowly multiply until even the shallowest of waters can drown.
I know the feeling. Take care of yourself man.
Tie a knot and hang on! I often wonder why this happens and I have come to believe it is so we can help others not to make the same mistakes if possible and to help other with their burdens as we all have are own and know how difficult that can be at times. <<<<<I hope you have someone like this in your life!
I am so beat. I need to find some food, call my Lawyer and finish some laundry. Exciting times! Oh, and brew some coffee!! That's the ticket, yea.
My thread was removed, how do I found out why? (not a complaint)
Tomorrow is PSU-double-madness day. <_<

Rig B started screaming bloody murder recently. Those EVGA 450 BT's really are sketchy. Never heard coil whine like that in my life. It's actually kinda frightening.

Supernova G3 from this goes to that. Seasonic Focus Gold going in this.

Happy about the slight upgrade all around, but not looking forward to it. I have seen hell. And it's full of CABLES.
Hello. I saw your post that you are a b2b seller of hardware. Do you sell individual computer parts like cpus, ram, psus, etc? I am interested because I have a store and I am looking for wholesalers.

Hello! Yes and no, we sell in bulk. Most of the buyers are big EU companies buying 1000-10000 units at once.
Got a new boss. I taught him everything he knows, about cars. Now, to teach him how to be a man.