Aluminium Flight Case

March 2nd 2008
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Key Features:
AMD CPU NVIDIA Graphics Scratch Build Small Form Factor
System Specs:
  • AMD Sempron 2500+ (box cooler), Motheboard Biostar TForce6100(changed heat sink and fan added on north bridge from time when built in graphic was in use), 1giga RAM(2x512), GeForce 8500 GT(passive cooling but I installed 2x80mm fans), HDD Samsung SATA2 80giga(2x50mm fans), DVD, wireles Logitech mouse&keyboard), LCD samsung widescreen 19'' on DVI
Performed Mods:
This is my first modded case. It was quite difficult to pack everything inside and stay cool. I wanted to have wireless LAN adapter & keyboard / mouse inside as well but it was loosing a range, so it has to be outside. I had also problems with HDD temperature that was reaching 40 Co, that is why I made extra 2 holes. It helped but the 5Co was transferred to graphic (45 Co -> 50 Co). There will be an update with few close-ups...
I need to admit this is not a brand new idea, I have seen two mods like this before I made my own, one of those you can find on this forum. Best regards to all visitors
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11 Comments on Aluminium Flight Case

Case Mod Guru
Very cool. Nice job.
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WTF.... Nice man... I love it... 9/10 from me.... Very cool. Nice job...
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impressive!...especially since you got cooler temps in the case...very cool indeed...8/10
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Wicked sick!!
Damn, I just love when people take stuff (like this mod) and make something out of it!

Great mod!
heh imagine trying to get that through customs!
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Very James Bond! Cool to see the different things people come up with to mod. This is one of the better ones I've seen in a while. Whats next? 9/10 overall.

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TPU addict
Cool, 9/10
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for the application of the idea, time and effort...10/10
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thank you all

T[I]han you all very much for comments.
About the time - took me 2 days plus some extra hours for small bits and still need few.
I will try to get that through customs when I come back to Poland (now I live in Ireland) - so we shall see.
And the side window - I rather prefer to keep the foam and the noise level lower then look inside but I was thinking about it.
Best regards
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I voted 1/10 because:

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its alright i know this site is about mods but pulling a pc in that. good job anyways
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