Coolermaster Ammo

March 21st 2008
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  • amd fx-60 asus A8N32-SLI dual watercooled Geforce 8800gts. 850w Coolermaster ps. 4 gigs of ultra ram. custom things done. my first build about a year ago.
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"custom things done."

Elaborate please. That's what the case mod gallery is all about. We definitely can't see what you've done from the picture, so enlighten us! :toast:
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well was a noob about a year and a half ago didnt know that much about computers so i got into working with them. i got a job welding made some money and before i left for the army i built this pc it took me about one month i bought differnt parts i just wanted a simple pc. i had this free ati radeon pci-e card im not sure what it was i though it was the shit. so i build this system around that. i got a mobo asus a8x-n i beleive thats what it was and a amd fx-60 cpu with 2gigs of offbrand ram. i had a 400w power supply. i built this system on air first. it ran like shit on vista. so i was like wtf. so i went out and bought a asus a8n32-sli mobo. and got a geforce 8800gts along with it put my system back together and it ran nice. i was like shit i have that other pci-e slot and i got another 8800gts before i knew it i got so much shti for this thing i could have built 3 pc's i went out and got a 850w ps because the 550w i had i didnt think it would run the pc. i then went from this all in one watercooling system from coolermaster to this new custom one i put together and its doing me alot of good. well thats a no-indetail version of my build. i know we have all been there but dam it was a ride for me not knowing what to buy just going on what looked good. im about to build another system here in a year after i get back from deployment. i wont make the same mistake.
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Noticed the Swiftec waterblock...good choice there. looks good from the 1 pic...Please post more pics! :-)
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