3991's AN7 system

March 27th 2008
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Excellent (6.3)
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Key Features:
AMD CPU AMD Graphics
System Specs:
  • Abit AN7
  • AMD Athlon XP-M 1600+ Thoroughbred @2GHz
  • 512MB DDR333 2.5-3-3-7
  • SAPPHIRE Radeon 9600Pro AGP 8x
  • 80GB Maxtor DiamondMax 9 HDD
  • Lite-On DVD/CD Combo drive
  • Logisys case w/ 480watt PSU
Performed Mods:
performed cable management, cut a hole in the side of the mobo tray to route the PSU cables behind it, did a reverse hard drive mod, modded standard ide cable to rounded-ish
sorry for the blurry pics, my camera isn't to great. I can't get any more pictures of it, because i no longer own that system.
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Served 5k and counting ...
I voted 7/10 because:

Nice cable management!
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I voted 7/10 because:

7/10 nice cable managment.
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Specs on this are ridiculously similar to mine... o.o
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das müffin mann
7/10 cable management is pretty good

why did 3991vhtes get banned again
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I voted 3/10 because:

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