Red & Black 900 v.2 ~updated

April 12th 2009
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Key Features:
High Rated Intel CPU AMD Graphics AMD CrossFire Scratch Build Custom Paint Job
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System Specs:
  • ANTEC 900 v.2 w/custom paint
  • Intel Core2Quad Q9550 @ 3.9ghz 1833mhz FSB 1.31v
  • ASUS Maximus II Formula P45 Motherboard
  • EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 55nm
  • 8GB CORSAIR Dominators@1100Mhz 5-5-5-15
  • CPU Cooler CoolerMaster V8
  • CORSAIR HX620 Modular PSU
  • WD 160gb HDD for OS/Games
  • WD 250gb HDD for storage
  • ASUS 24" 2ms HDMI Widescreen LCD Full 1080p
  • RAZER Deathadder-mouse
  • RAZER Lycosa-keyboard
  • RAZER Barracuda 5.1 Gaming Headphones
  • SupremeFX X-FI SoundCard (comes with the mobo)
Performed Mods:
After the case was stripped down I used a 1/2 inch drill bit to drill about 15-20 holes in the bottom of the case for under the PSU so I can mount the PSU the way you see it for better cable managment and cooling the PSU. Then I sanded the metal down and removed all dust/dirt/oils..etc and used a White Primer. After the primer was dry I then Painted the inside and all the mesh a cherry red(glossy). I removed the extra piece of acrylic on the sidepanel that has the hole for the optional 120mm fan. I have no use for it and it makes the case look alot better that way. UPDATED WITH DUAL HIS IceQ4 Turbo Edition 4850's@ 775/1200 =]
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15 Comments on Red & Black 900 v.2 ~updated

Nice and slick. Good paint work and tidy cables.
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Nice man. Red is supperb....
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thank you all ;)

Im getting 2 WD 500AAK's for a raid config.. will update with new pix and benchez~
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09 rig

Nice clean build, just the way it should be. You can tell you took your time and did everything right, Congrats!
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thanx again Dr.Death,:D and welcome to TechPowerUp!:D
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The Knife in your Back
I'm not a big fan of the Antec cases, but this has to be the nicest one I have seen!
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I'm not a big fan of the Antec cases, but this has to be the nicest one I have seen!
Thank you! I did my best in order to not be "just another 900"
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9/10 for all the mods, Your case looks awesome and clean!
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Quick update guys.

I currently have 2 HIS IceQ4 Turbo edition HD 4850's installed. So far so good as performance goes. I'll post new pics later. Only thing I dont like about the new cards is the fan @ 100%.. sounds like my PC is trying to vacuum my floor from my desk.
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I like it! I want to do something as well, just not so fancy and im probably not going to paint a thing. Very well done though, i love the colour scheme! :toast:
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pc looks great plenty of mods, and you chose red instead of blue what everyone else uses keep it up
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wow! that was sick... i always love the black and red combo! good job mate!
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Antec 900 FTW. Excellent color combo! 10/10

here's a pic of mine i took, then did sum styling in PS4.

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well, it looks like I might have to post another case for the gallery. I have a new Cosmos S, CORSAIR HX1000W PSU and a smi-new EVGA GTX 280. I have been contemplating on painting the case interior, thing is.. this case is so nice @ stock.. I almost want to leave it the stock color and just polish it up till it shines a bit more. Or if I do paint it, it will be done right this time around.. Powder-coat FTW!! Im in the process of choosing th right water cooling parts for this system. As soon as i figure out the color of the fluid and tubing, thats when I will decide on the color of the paint and cathodes.
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