Project "Xperience"

October 31st 2011
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Incredible (8.5)
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Key Features:
High Rated Intel CPU Scratch Build Small Form Factor
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System Specs:
  • ZOTAC IONITX-T-E, Intel NM10 ION Mainboard - Intel Atom D525 - provided by
  • Crucial 4GB kit (2GBx2), 204-pin, DDR3 PC3-10600 memory module SODIMM - provided by Crucial
  • Samsung EcoGreen F4EG, 2TB, 5400rpm, 8,9ms, 32MB Cache – provided by Samsung
  • Seagate Barracuda Green ST2000DL003, 2 TB, 5900 rpm, 8.5 ms, 64MB Cache – provided by Seagate
  • Nanovision MIMO UM-720F - Display, 7", Touchscreen (USB) - provided by HRT Informationstechnik
  • Digital Devices Cine S2 HDTV V6.2 Twin Tuner TV Karte - provided by Digital Devices
Performed Mods:
Project "Xperience" - Case completely build up with plexiglass. The case consists entirely of plexiglass. For the stability of the complete case, an aluminum core of aluminum profiles was used. The casecon was completely planned with a CAD program first and build up after the planning was succeed. Design and function of the case is optimized for modern living. The HTPC is nearly noiseless by the use of a complete passive cooling-solution. The computer can be controlled entirely via the built-in touchscreen. Almost as a matter of course the various light effects can be regulated via a remote control. The use of a microcontroller makes it possible.
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12 Comments on Project "Xperience"

That must be one of the most beautiful projects I have ever seen in my life. How are temperature values considering it's passively cooled? Rated 10
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it looks like a modern gravestone as it stands on the stone.
anyway, nice work! 10/10
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I do love ur creation, this rig will looks elegant if u choose a better background n find a gud photographer, that's the reason why I voted 8, sry :(
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rojiuranonekosann god!

This is the AWESOME WORKS!!
Amazing.. :)

Speechless.. :) Nice building. and Unique designe. ;)
I wanna send 10/10 to you.(^^) Congratulations!
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husseinI voted 5/10 because:

Not suitable for all business
Bah! &@#? Are you serious?

Suitable for me. XD 10/10 for you Overclocking.
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Voted 10/10, not for what's in the case.. But because it is built from scratch.
I just love these when people let there imaginiation become reality.
Great work!
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Very Good

Really liked you case with the lights and stuff wanna give ya a 10/10
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Thank you all!

@N-Gen: The temperature by passiv cooling is for the CPU/GPU Idle: 50°C Prime: 70°C
HDD: 45°C

@loleafidas: I get a digital SLR for Christmas and take pictures of the Case again. Of course with a better background.

@hussein: Not suitable for all business? What did you mean? This Case is for Home Cinema ;)
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10/10 just a custom build case not a fucking basic case from shop with 1254 LED colors
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Very nice and original.
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Unique :) Someone seems to have access or has a laser engraver / cutter! I dig it! Laser cut acrylic always looks 10x better in person too.
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